It is this vast combined international experience of the directors that has been packaged into a successful business in an area of activity where first-hand, hard-core knowledge is a pre-requisite to advice students realistically and factually. No other company in this line of work can match this.

They set up this company in New Delhi in 1995, originally operating from a business centre. It currently spans 16 cities with twenty six offices and is now housed in over 85, 000+ square feet, and growing, of space nationwide. The company is experiencing rapid vertical and horizontal growth.

It took a lot of hard work, dedication, total commitment to student welfare; like they were and are our own children;.. passionate insistence on ethical and Professional practices; continuous investment in world class infrastructure, staff training, development and an enviable software developed in-house to cover every conceivable parameter for assisting students comprehensively.

And what’s more?

There is an increasingly large and growing number of staff plugged into the company’s vision; and enjoying it immensely. All of this amounts to unrivalled resources available for students seeking admissions all over the world.

How come the name, "The Chopras"?

The company is actually N & N Chopra Consultants Pvt. Ltd., registered in New Delhi, India. As it’s reputation amongst students, parents, Universities, and official circles spread, of a company professionally and ethically managed, that always delivered, we were on-ward referred by all as, go to "The Chopras".
Thus brand "The Chopras" growing from inception, Since 1995, emerged as the 1st Global Education Corporate on the scene in India in the 21st century