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Australia - New Zealand Education Fair - The Chopras Office, Mumbai, Churchgate
24th , Apr 2017

Australia, one of the top three overseas education destinations for international students, has one of the strongest educational infrastructures and quality of life. There are a number of Australian university and colleges offering a plethora of courses and degrees for students coming from different corners of the world. Top Australian Universities include University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, The Australian National University, University of Western Australia and many more. The University of Melbourne was recently placed at number 33 in the world ranking of best universities offering quality education. The atmosphere and beautiful locations of the country also add up to the reasons for students to choose an Australian University.

New Zealand is an ideal destination to study abroad because of the international standard of education, economically vibrant costs, and cosmopolitan culture. At par with the British education system, New Zealand universities strive to offer quality education with state-of-the-art facilities, a safe environment and a fine student’s support system. Some of the most popular New Zealand Universities, that are listed on world rankings as well, are University of Auckland, University of Otago, University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University and many more. Amongst the many advantages, part-time work permit for 15 hours a week is also one of the major reasons why students prefer New Zealand. Also, once students complete their degree, the government of New Zealand encourages them to stay back and work, which is very unlikely to happen in other popular destinations.

Why come to the Australia & New Zealand Education Fair?

  • Meet University Experts from Top Ranked Universities
  • Qualify for Scholarships
  • Avail Application Fee Waivers
  • Know About Post-study Work Visa
  • Appear for a free IELTS mock test
  • Free Visa Counseling

WHY Study in the Australia?

  • Home to 7 of the top 100 Universities in the world
  • Home to 5 of the 30 Best Sudent Cities
  • 3rd Most Popular Destination for International Students
  • 2 - 4 Years stay back opportunity through the Post Study Work stream
  • Globally Recognised Courses and Qualifications

WHY Study in New Zealand?

  • World renowned for research, innovation and technological development
  • Practically orientated educational environment
  • Merit based scholarships
  • Availability of part time work opportunities whilst studying
  • Graduate job search opportunities available

Most Popular Subjects in Australia

Hospitality and Hotel Management Ι  Engineering Ι  MBA Ι  Physiotherapy Ι  Life Sciences - Medicine Ι  IT - Computers Ι  Aviation Ι  Sports Management Ι  Teaching (B.Ed) Ι  Radiology

Most Popular Subjects in New Zealand

IT Ι  Business Ι  Engineering Ι  Sports Management/Sports Science Ι  Hospitality Management Ι  Engineering Ι  Biotechnology Ι  Marine Science Ι  Agriculture Ι  Environmental Science Ι  Teaching