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  • 3 Facts You Must Know If You Decide to Study in Canada

    3 Facts You Must Know If You Decide to Study in Canada
    Wednesday, June 10, 2015

    Canada gives more importance to academics and spends a lot on education. The amount that the country spends on education is the highest among G-8 countries. Canada also performs very well in higher education and it is ranked in the top five of Times Higher Education in the year 2010.

    Canada is the foremost country in the field of computer and information technology. Canadian students show excellent performance on international level examinations in mathematics and science. The country also has a good reputation in the sectors of life science, business, aerospace, telecommunications, transportation, fine arts as well as engineering. Media, entertainment and communication industries are also well-developed in Canada.

    Canada has a stable and developed economy as well as vast resources. Not only the citizens, but also the visitors to Canada enjoy a great quality of life there. The country provides top-notch medical care, public transportation and a first-class higher education system.

    It is quite easy to gain admission to undergraduate programmes in Canada. It is relatively more difficult to get admissions in professional programmes like medicine, architecture, law and dentistry. Most of these programmes do not have direct entry. It means the students must complete at least one year of undergraduate study programme before applying to professional courses. These study programmes are not available to international students or they have only very less seats. Only the very best student can get the seat in professional programme and get a chance to study in Canada scholarships.

    Here are 3 basic facts you must know if you decide to study in Canada:

    1. Almost all the universities of Canada are publicly funded

    Most of the top universities in Canada are accredited and publicly funded. This is the main difference between Canada and other common study abroad destinations. The degrees pursued at any Canadian University are recognised all over the world. The public institutes are good in quality and they train their students well in valuable skill sets and knowledge. The public colleges and universities of Canada are outstanding choices for any international student.

    2. Tuition in Canada is relatively inexpensive

    International students have to pay considerably more than the domestic students in Canada. In addition, tuition fees for international students may vary across the areas and institutions in Canada. However, most of the undergraduate tuition charges usually come between $12,000 and $18,000 per academic year. Though it looks costly, it is really inexpensive when compared to many other study abroad destinations. For example, tuition fees in the US are usually double or triple of the average tuition fees of top universities in Canada.

    Cost of living is also quite reasonable. Students can stay with Canadian families as paying guests. It is the most economical way for the international students. Some universities provide study in Canada scholarships for international students if they achieve the best academic results.

    International students can save a considerable amount if they choose to study in Canada compared to other countries. They will get the overall financial advantage including the low cost of living in Canada. The proper study in Canada consultants can help you make a smart investment for your future, so contact The Chopras today.

    3. Canada permits students to do part-time jobs

    The key benefit of choosing Canada as your study abroad destination is that it provides an opportunity to earn while you are studying. An international student can work on campus to manage his personal expenses. They can also find a job outside by getting a work permit. This will be helpful for the students who have financial problems. Students can also be eligible for post-graduation work permit in Canada after they have successfully completed their graduation. Canada is a country that provides a wide range of job opportunities to students and academically graduated international students. For more details, you can contact The Chopras study in Canada consultants.

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