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  • 5 Best Cities for Studying In Germany

    5 Best Cities for Studying In Germany
    Wednesday, September 16, 2015

    Germany seems to work well as a place for studying. However before you decide on the university and the place, it is always wise to gather as much information as possible of the place, the cost of living, entertainment and other factors, since you will be spending quite some time there. You won’t regret once you have chosen to study in Germany. There are many advantages of studying in Germany as a place to study as you have the benefits of advanced infrastructure, low tuition costs and latest research facilities. The cost of living is one major consideration to be looked into before you decide on a university as the tuition fees are quite comfortable.

    Let us look at five cities where you can choose to study in Germany. Some in-depth knowledge about them will help you decide better.

    1. Munich

    Students from all over the world are attracted to Munich for further studies due to great living conditions, the beautiful countryside, besides the diversity which is multicultural. It has a many famous universities like

    1. Technical University of Munich

    2. Ludwig’s Maxmillan’s University.

    These universities, besides being considered top in Germany are also among top universities worldwide. If you are looking for research facilities, you need to look no further. The rentals might be a little on the higher side, say 445 euros-650 Euros per month, for an apartment, which has one room. Though a little expensive but is well worth the investment as you can say this is one of the most livable city.

    2. Berlin

    This city can be considered as one of the best student city. Besides being the capital, this city offers everything, which a student looks for. You can compare it to New York and London. Berlin is adorned with culture, architecture and history and icing on the cake is that it is not as costly. Here there are:

    1. Free University of Berlin

    2. Technical University of Berlin

    3. Humboldt University of Berlin

    These are among the top 10 Universities in Germany. With all the enticements, it might seem a little costly but definitely worth it.

    3. Cologne

    This city might be lesser known as compared to the other cities in Germany, but you find one of the oldest universities in Germany here, The University of Cologne. Besides the other facilities offered in this university, it also offers the Nobel Prize Faculty. You find many cultural attractions and museums to explore here, but if you yet need to get away you can opt for the direct trains which can take you to Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. Accommodation is cheaper as compared to other cities but choosing to live in the city centre might be a little expensive.

    4. Heidelberg

    You can say that this city is engraved with success as this is home to the oldest Ruprecht-Karls-University, also known as the Heidelberg University. Though this is a modern city in terms of practices and technology it has the look and the architecture of medieval times. There is a lot to explore here. This city being a home to more than 50 Nobel Laureates can be termedt as a ‘haven for academicians’, out of whom you find 10 yet teaching in the university.  You find a lot many options for student accommodations available here. Searching in the right place a student can land in a one-room accommodation for around 500 Euros.

    5.  Frankfurt Am Main

    Considered a financial capital of not only Germany but also Europe, this city is home to the European Central bank which deals with the who’s who of the businesses. You can opt for this city if you looking for a nightlife and skyscrapers with plush standards of living. If you are a student who is interested in culture then you can look forward to the chain of festivals around the year here. You can say you have modernisation, diversity and culture, all rolled into one in this city. You can look for the Goethe University and life is made.  The accommodation can work reasonable if you are comfortable sharing.

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