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  • 5 Best Cities To Study In Germany

    5 Best Cities To Study In Germany
    Friday, July 24, 2015

    Germany is fast becoming a popular Study Abroad destination due to multiple reasons. Besides an amazing culture, Germans are known to be friendly and welcoming towards international students. Moreover, you find some of the most popular universities here catering to a variety of courses, which make selection easy. The choice of course apart, students need to be aware of the different cities these universities are located in. Knowing German is an added advantage, but English alone is sufficient if you opt to study in Germany. In other words,  learning German is not mandatory. Read on to learn about the student friendly cities in Germany.

    1. Munich

    While choosing a university, students also look at the living conditions or a lifestyle that city offers.  Munich is one such popular choice among students who want to study in Germany. The Oktoberfest is a major attraction here. Munich is a well preserved city and the student community is almost 75,000 strong here. It is a preferred choice despite the high rents and higher cost of living. Some of the best universities here include, Technical University Munich, which is ranked highest in Germany. This university is in partnership with a number of prestigious universities due to its strength in research and engineering. The second popular university here is the Ludwig Maxmillan University of Munich, which offers almost 100 or more areas of study and most of its classes are in English.

    2. Berlin

    Besides being home to some of the best universities in Germany, Berlin is also known as a capital for a hectic social life, a paradise for artists and a lot more. Study hard and party equally hard in Berlin. You find universities such as the Free University of Berlin, a top-ranked research university. This university has its courses in German as well as in English, which is a boon for international students. Students can also opt for the Humbolt University of Berlin, which is one of the oldest universities here. Being a research university, opportunities to work along with world renowned faculty is an option worth looking forward to.

    3. Munster

    Every fifth person in Munster is enrolled in a university. The student community here is large. Music in the evenings is a favourite pastime. The choice of clubs and pubs is varied. The famous Munster University offers a wide range of subjects and gives you the option of choosing a combination of these. Apart from this, the university offers ample scope for research in medicine, law, natural sciences and more.

    4. Leipzig

    The university in Leipzig is one of the oldest in Germany, which was founded in 1409. You can term this university as an 'international interdisciplinary comprehensive'  university. This university has been able to cross traditional boundaries of academic disciplines. This university has also managed to network with institutes, which can be referred as ‘non-university research institutes’ enhancing its excellence in academics.

    The 'hippie culture' nightlife,  along with an alternative art scene provides an interesting backdrop to university life.

    5. Freiburg

    There is no other city in Germany, that enjoys sunshine for as long as Freiburg. This place seems to be perfect for students who are nature lovers and love the sun. The university here can be termed ‘comprehensive’ as it offers graduate and undergraduate studies besides professional qualifications in disciplines like medicine, law, engineering and natural sciences, and theology.  Freiburg provides an environment, which is ideal for studies with an innovative perspective.

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Comment By Aditya Chaurasia On Sunday, July 26, 2015, 12:54 PM

I want to admission in Germany. Which exam I have to give so that I get admission

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