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  • 5 Categories of Scholarships for International Students

    5 Categories of Scholarships for International Students
    Tuesday, July 28, 2015

    Students who perform well academically and score consistently well can apply for study abroad scholarships. As an international student, cost of education can be high and scholarships can greatly reduce the burden. If you are lucky, you can eliminate the need to seek educational loan.

    In order to apply for a scholarship, you must first find out the type of scholarship you are eligible for and the scholarships available at the university you are applying to. You can evaluate the options available by contacting the financial department of the colleges you have chosen.

    If you do receive the scholarship amount, you can use the same towards paying the tuition fees, accommodation, course books, any additional expenses and even your air travel. Depending on the type of scholarship, you will find that some are easy to get, some are not completely utilised and some are extremely competitive.

    The kind of scholarships available to you as an international student can be broadly classified into four different categories.

    Scholarships offered by the universities – If you are applying to the US universities, here is some valuable information. During the academic year 2012-13, some of the top universities in USA that offered considerable amount of scholarships include Stanford University, Wesleyan University, Williams College, University of Chicago, Trinity College, Amherst College, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Skidmore College and Yale University

    Scholarships offered by the Government - Depending on your merit, scholarships are sometimes offered by the Government. Some of the most popular scholarship programs offered by the US government for deserving students include the FLTA or Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant, The Fulbright Program, ILEP or International Leaders in Education Program and International Fulbright Science and Technology Award.

    Scholarships offered as research grants – If you are planning to pursue your doctoral study abroad, you can research on institutions offering research grants.

    Scholarships offered by private organisations and philanthropists – For Indian students; other sources of scholarship funding include those offered by private organisations and philanthropists. Some of the leading establishments offering scholarships include the Sun Foundation, Tata Group, The Reliance Foundation and Aditya Birla Group.

    To categorise types of study abroad scholarships further, here are more inputs –

    1. Scholarships based on country of origin – After you decide on the country you wish to pursue your education in, you can research on scholarships offered on the basis of country of origin. To motivate and attract more numbers of international students, certain countries award scholarships for aspirants. To see what scholarships are available at the country of your choice, you can contact student bodies or visit government sponsored websites.

    2. Scholarships for different subjects – After deciding on the subject you wish to study, you can find out if any government institution or college offers scholarships for that particular field of study.

    3. Scholarships based on achievements – Some universities and colleges offer specific scholarships for students who have excelled in their field academically. Personal and academic achievements of the applicants are taken into consideration to determine eligibility.

    4. Scholarships based on student background – With an aim to promote social equality, universities award scholarships for students based on their background. Factors that influence their decision may include medical history, religion, gender and race.

    5. Scholarships for meritorious students – Last but not the least, students who are meritorious have a high chance of qualifying for merit-based scholarships. These scholarships are awarded not only for academically meritorious students but also for those who have excelled in other fields such as sports and arts.

    To find out which type of scholarship you are eligible for, it is imperative to consult a reliable overseas consultant or find out online and apply early.

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