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  • 5 Things You Should Know About The US Student Study Visa

    5 Things You Should Know About The US Student Study Visa
    Friday, June 19, 2015

    So, you have decided to study in the US and have also got admission in one of the American universities. Now, it is time to prepare for your student visa interview. Before you do so, you must learn everything that is required in order to successfully get your visa. Here are 5 things you should know about the US student study visa.

    1. The first step in applying for the US student study visa is to pay the SEVIS. Before your visa appointment, you must pay the SEVIS fee after completing the SEVIS Form I-901. Remember to fill in your name in the form exactly as it is in your I-20. Get a printed copy of the online receipt after paying the fee and scheduling your visa interview.

    2. Now it is time to complete the visa form which is the Non-immigrant Visa Application Form DS-160 before getting your other documents in order.

    3. Documents you require for the US visa interview include I-20 form signed at the bottom, passport with a minimum of six month validity, test scores and transcripts, visa application fee receipt, SEVIS fee receipt, university admission letter, 2 photographs taken in the prescribed format, DS-160 visa application confirmation page, documents such as family, ties to your community, proof of property and so on that proves that you have enough reason to come back to your home country after completing studies, Affidavit of Support including documents proving your source of income and original bank statements.

    4. The visa interview lasts about three minutes at the most. If you are fluent in English, it is a great advantage. Talk convincingly and give clear reasons as to why you will be returning to your home country. Emphasise on the fact that studying in the US will further your career aspirations in your own country greatly.

    5. Honesty and sincerity goes a long way. Answer all questions honestly in a concise manner. Gather all knowledge about the university you are going to study in and the programme you are enrolled for.

    No matter which student visa you are applying for, a positive attitude goes a long way in ensuring success. If you are applying for the student visa of any other country, there may be differences in the documents you require and in certain procedures. Check with a reputed overseas education consultants The Chopras if the documents are in order and if you have paid the visa fee.

    If you are planning on continuing in the country where you study, you must apply for post study visa six months after completion of our degree. In countries like the US, this type of visa is recently introduced. This temporary visa allows you to study, live and work in the country after your graduation. It is offered only once to students.

    The post study visa in the US is of two types namely the post-study work stream and graduate work stream. The post-study work visa is offered for students graduating in any field. Depending on the qualification of the candidate, this type of visa is offered for a period of up to four years.

    International students who fall under the Skilled Occupation category based on their qualification are offered the graduate work visa. From the date of grant, this type of visa is given for a period of 18 months.

    During the process of applying for the post study visa in the US, you as the main applicant and your sponsor in the country must be in the US.

    These are a few essential things you must know as you apply for student study visa and the post study visa in the US. For more information on this, contact professional educational consultants at The Chopras.

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Comment By bilal ahmad padder On Saturday, June 20, 2015, 1:24 PM

It will be previlage fr me to study in usa
Comment By Serajul Islam On Saturday, June 20, 2015, 4:30 PM

I have completed master and B.Sc. in food Technology and Nutritional Science. But I want to study in food or nutrition at master for increasing my knowledge. so how to apply for master degree via scholarahip. Thank

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