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  • 5 Tips for International Students in New Zealand

    5 Tips for International Students in New Zealand
    Saturday, September 12, 2015

    Studying in New Zealand you might get a lot of free time, and you need to make sure you spend this in a productive manner so that the total experience of being in New Zealand is worthwhile. You should try to interact with other students, so that you can get an idea of their culture and make new friends, some of which can last a lifetime. If you are an introvert, you can think of getting a part time job, which can keep you occupied and also earn you some income.

    1. Socialising is healthy

    Being in New Zealand, you should consider yourself lucky as the Kiwis are courteous and warm people, willing to make new friends. This can help you while away your time having fun and gaining an insight of the place. The experiences they can share with you will be fascinating and you can also enjoy the place in company of the right people who have a thorough knowledge of this. Staying in your hostel room can be a depressing affair.

    2. Travelling and exploring a new place is a different experience

    You have not travelled all the way to stay in a room throughout your course. The feeling might be similar to being in your hometown. Come to such a beautiful destination, you should plan your free time in a way so that you can see most of this place while you are here. You can at least take memories along with you. It is not a routine coming to New Zealand. You can drive to the North Island if you are fond of mountains and to the South Island if you are fond of open spaces and beaches. You will find that participating in different activities can be reasonable as students are offered discounts. You can also think of going for the universities trips as most universities arrange for the same.

    3. Activities concerning the residence life

    You can get in touch with the co coordinators on the campus and participate in different activities. This is a great way to pass your time as you have a chance of enjoying sports if you are sport lover or even go partying. You need to make sure you are friendly with the rest of the students in your dorm as you will spend quite some time here.

    4. Clubs and organisations of special interest

    You find that every university in New Zealand has many organisations and clubs that you can join as a student. There are clubs, which have board games or a club for watching movies or even if you are interested in gaming. You have the option of joining a group related to your studies, which can help you learn a new hobby or skill. Go about this by contacting the international student cell for membership and any other procedure.

    5. Athletic activities and other sports

    You will find that the Kiwis are lovers of the athletic culture and most of them taking part in different sports activities. You can think of joining a club or your university team for community sports. You have the option of joining a gym for working out. Many universities have gyms on the campus itself. You can take full advantage of this as University gyms are free for students. Most students or even the local are conscious about their health with a negligible amount being overweight.

    Besides the above, you can go watch a game of rugby if you are fond of this sport. There is no way you will feel home-sick in New Zealand as there is lots to do leaving you with no time for brooding.

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