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  • 5 Tips for Students Aspiring to Study in the US

    5 Tips for Students Aspiring to Study in the US
    Monday, October 26, 2015

    Getting a chance to study abroad surely has its own benefits. When it comes to popular overseas locations for studying, USA tops the chart.  Apart from world-class universities, United States of America offers you academic freedom and a great fun atmosphere to live and blend in.

    Many students feel that sending out the application forms is the last step, but think again. 

    What students should do once they are through with the application process?

    Okay, so now you have applied and you have completed the process. Now what? There are better things to do than wait. Many education experts in the US suggest that students should rather take up some proactive steps after the applications are sent as colleges are always ready to receive more information.

    Inform about your progress: Students can follow up with supplementary test scores as colleges want to see the progress of students. You should carve out a smart plan as to how you will go ahead with it. You can request a teacher to send a letter of recommendation to the university where you have applied indicating your academic progress.  You can also choose to let them know of any awards, honours or any other accomplishments that you have received in your senior year.

    First, check out if the university admission panel will accept it later or if there is a time limit. More reputed universities like Harvard do not give much importance to self-recommendation letters but if your claims are corroborated by a teacher, they may accept. But still, there are universities and colleges that might accept your letter.

    Avoid direct contact if rules forbid: Though personal visits to the campus, you have applied to, and meeting up with the admission panel may help in some colleges, not many experts agree with it though as such attempts can backfire. Hence, it is best to avoid such an approach unless you are sure that rules of some colleges allow otherwise.

    Campus visit can help: In the education sector, many officials in the US unanimously agree that visiting the campus you have applied for can be a good move, only if you have fulfilled all the criteria that the college is looking for in candidates. You can even attend events in the college, meet the faculty members or sit in a class to gauge the relevance of the college and to get first person experience. This can be of great help in future. Some officials even say that sending a letter to the college to inform and explain about the visit can also be a wise move. Also, if your first visit to the college is on the joining date, you will be somewhat lost. So, it is better to reach a few days early and check out the college, the facilities and the teaching staff and be familiar with the surroundings. 

    Do not be a stealth candidate: University officials refer to those candidates as stealth candidates who do nothing but fill in the form and wait. Hence, do not be one. If you are unable to visit the campus, then attend college fairs and meet the representatives. Make sure that you stand out. You can send in your queries to the admission office. Be proactive and do not be a passive candidate but at the same time, maintain due respect and follow rules.

    Get involved online: Nowadays, most colleges have their own social media page on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Without going overboard, you can be a part of their social media pages by following them on Twitter or ‘liking’ their FB page. Do not inform online about your application but keep yourself updated on the college activities.

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Comment By Jiji joy On Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 1:09 AM

Wishs to study an mba programme in usa
Comment By prosperoverseas On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 6:49 AM

Thanks! very good posting ! good information

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