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  • 5 tips to make the application process in Singapore for UG/PG courses convenient

    5 tips to make the application process in Singapore for UG/PG courses convenient
    Monday, September 21, 2015

    Singapore is fast becoming a preferred destination for higher studies due to the developing educational system and unlimited opportunities. It has gained popularity because education is a priority here, and it is recognised as a ‘global school house’. Singapore also maintains high standard of teaching besides scientific research. You can add excellent infrastructure, distances and the relative costs to the lure of Singapore. Once you have made up your mind to study in Singapore, you need to be aware of the application process and the eligibility required here. A few steps involving the application process for UG and PG courses in Singapore can sure be of great help.

    1. Check out the courses you are interested in

    There are multiple universities in Singapore offering a whole lot of different courses, for which you first need to be sure about the course you are interested in and know the course structure in the UG and PG courses here. You need to be aware like any other universities abroad; Singapore also requires certain criteria for eligibility.  Before you think of applying you need to make sure you are eligible for the course, that is, the required percentage besides the certificate and anything else. You need to make sure you passed the class 12 examination or an examination, which is equivalent to this. Universities in Singapore do require a high percentage cut-off and prefer boards like ISE or CBSE as compared to others.

    2. Make sure of the examination you need to pass before you apply

    You need to check out the examinations required by the university you wish to apply to before you fill in the application form. You need to make sure you give these exams on time, so that when required, you are ready with the scores. The examinations required also depend on your qualifications; make sure to check this out.

    3. The transcripts and any other reports

    As English is the language of instructions in the Singapore universities, you need to make sure all your papers are in English, and if it is not so, you need to make sure these are translated and the certified copies are ready. In case you look for a bachelor’s degree, you need to have the score cards of class 10, 11 and 12, and for the masters degree you require the bachelor’s degree besides the school certificates.

    4. A valid Passport is essential

    It is understood that a valid passport is required for studying anywhere abroad. In case you do not have one, make sure to apply for the same. If your passport needs to be renewed, make sure you don’t leave this for the last moment.

    5. Applying to a UG or PG course in Singapore

    After selecting the course, university and programme you are interested in, make sure you know all the eligibility criteria and any other requirements. Fill out the application form after enrolling with the university and submit the required certificates along with the letters of recommendations and the other documents specified by the university. You need to be careful about the proof of funds, as this is a requirement by most of the universities in Singapore.

    With the application process completed and done with you can wait for the response from the university you have applied to and find out if there are any more formalities to do. It is always advisable to apply to more than one university at the same time, so that you are not dejected if you do not get admission in the one you wanted.

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