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  • 6 Important Requirements for Undergraduate Studies in the US

    6 Important Requirements for Undergraduate Studies in the US
    Wednesday, September 30, 2015

    You seem to have made up your mind to pursue your higher studies in the US, but are not too sure how to go about this! As we are all aware that different universities and different courses have different requirement which vary and to help you with this, we can offer information which can make the whole procedure of applying convenient.

    1. Eligibility required for applications

    Before you take the initial step of applying to a college or a university in the US, you need to make sure you have completed a minimum of 12 years of secondary education besides the elementary education, which, in India is qualifying either class 12 examinations or junior college. The degrees which are acceptable are Indian School certificate, Higher School Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, All India Senior School Certificate, and Higher Secondary Certificate. These can ensure you are eligible to apply for an undergraduate course in the US.

    2. Getting the Application forms

    Once you have decided to do your under graduation in the US, you need to make sure you apply 15 to 18 months before the date of admission. Last minute applications are rarely looked at. You can get the application forms by:

    a) Requesting for the application form via e-mail:  You can do so by logging onto to the website of the university as most of the universities have an application form on the website that can be completed online.

    b) Request applications form via Air Mail: You can do so by sending a description of your academic objectives besides your educational background and also the source of financial support, along with the standardised and English proficiency test scores.

    c) Download from the university website: You have many universities offering you the application forms on their website that can be downloaded and printed. These can be used as regular application forms.

    3. Requirements for application

    For an undergraduate programme in the US, students need to submit transcripts (Report Cards) of the final exams besides the secondary school report, making sure that this is filled out by school counsellor, headmaster or the principal. This report seems all the more effective if it can introduce you in the context of your experience in school as compared to the other students. Knowing how you have performed in your own school makes a difference to the admissions committee.

    As we all know that there is a difference in the styles used abroad for scoring as compared to India, you can request your school to include some sort of guidance to the grading standards which are used in your school and the education system.

    4. Requirements of your scores in the standardised tests

    You should be aware that the TOEFL test is mandatory for applying in any university in the US. The required score by most of the universities in the US is 570, in the Paper-based test and 230 in the computer-based test.  The other required tests are the SAT 1, which again is required by most universities, SAT 11 which is a must for certain universities and ACT, which is again required by some of the universities.

    5. Statement of purpose along with letter of recommendation:

    Letters of reference or recommendation gives you that edge for admissions as these lists your performance in the course you are applying for. This letter is a statement which is signed by a person who has a thorough knowledge of you and your performance. A statement of purpose can help in the evaluation process of your application as it can give the university the impression of your individuality besides your performance. This statement should include the reason for you choosing the specific course, besides the suitability of your experience and education in that course, career goals and personal interests.

    6. Financial aid details

    This requirement is essential if you are looking for financial help for you studies abroad. The evidence of financial support is necessary for universities to be able to issue documents that are needed for the application of visa.

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