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  • 6 Powerful Reasons for Applying Early to US Universities

    6 Powerful Reasons for Applying Early to US Universities
    Thursday, September 24, 2015

    Most of the US universities admit students once in spring and once in autumn. For students applying to these universities, it is necessary to plan well in advance keeping the cut-off date in mind and apply on time.

    When it comes to admission to the US universities, it always pays to apply early. This is the only way to get the exact course and the university you want. There are many obvious benefits of applying early.

    Here are 6 powerful reasons for applying early for your course at the preferred US university –

    • Eliminate last minute tension – By applying to US universities well in advance, you can completely eliminate any last minute worries related to the deadline.

    • Hassle free letter of recommendation – Well before your referee is flooded with requests from other students, you can get a glowing letter of recommendation by applying early

    • Applying for scholarship – If you are planning on applying for scholarship, you must accept the conditional offer offered by some institutions. Before other students get to it, you can apply for the scholarship by applying early. As the number of international student scholarships is limited, you will be at a great advantage here.

    • Planning expenses – If you apply for and get admission early, you will have ample time to plan your expenses.

    • Choosing the preferred course – Applying early to the US universities enhances your chance of getting the exact course you want.

    • Time to apply again – In case your application is rejected by the university you applied for, you will have enough time to apply to other universities if you apply early.

    Here are a few essential tips that will help you handle your application processes go through smoothly and effortlessly –

    • Get a glowing recommendation letter by giving your referee enough time

    • Send in your application forms at least a month before the deadline

    • Apply to at least four or five universities to have a strong back up plan

    • Go carefully through the documents and follow instructions accurately

    • Check for scholarship eligibility and apply to relevant bodies

    Talk to expert counsellors at The Chopras and get valuable guidance and support through the process.

    It goes without saying that you will be competing against fewer applicants if you apply early. The early bird is always at an advantage and if your profile meets the college requirements, you can be sure of being accepted into the course you want. There are many possible situations where you can benefit from applying early to US universities.

    So, what can happen if you apply late? Though you are at a major disadvantage, you may still be lucky to be considered for the course you want. When you search for universities, you will find an “Add” button next to the application still open for programmes after the due date has passed. Your chances of getting into the course of your choice however depend on the number of students who have applied for and accepted into the course.

    There are many reasons why universities accept late applications. For most of them, the aim is to fill in all their seats. They always accept more students than their capacity to ensure that none of the seats remains vacant after unexpected drop outs. However, it always pays to apply well before the deadline as you will never be left dangling not knowing whether you will be lucky or not. So, if you have decided on pursuing your education in the US, plan at least a year in advance with the help of reliable guidance counsellors at The Chopras, get your documents ready, write the necessary exams and apply early.

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