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  • 7 Study in UK Scholarships for Indian Students

    7 Study in UK Scholarships for Indian Students
    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

    Scholarships free most of the worries related to funding a course and your Study Abroad plans. Studying in the UK can get easier on your budget if you have a scholarship advantage. There are different study in UK scholarships available, most of which are a deduction in the tuition fees. Some scholarships cover visa fee, living expenses and airfare depending on your academic merit and economic background. The funding and the scholarships are managed by the British Council and a few other organisations associated with them. Read on for a list of popular scholarships for Indian students who wish to pursue their studies in the UK.

    1. Goa Education Trust Scholarships

    The GET, or the Goa Education Trust Scholarship aims to offer the Goans an opportunity to pursue their education in the best possible universities in a field of their choice. GET provides research fellowships and scholarships to students who are eligible for their post-graduate studies in different departments, spheres and fields. This scholarship was introduced in 2010 and since then many recipients have completed their studies in different fields such as Ancient History, Law, Journalism among others. This scholarship covers part tuition fees or at times, the total amount.

    2. Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

    The Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship was  launched by St John’s College, University of Cambridge, in Dr. Singh’s honour. Students who are outstanding in academics can pursue their studies in St. John’s College,  in Social Sciences, Economics, and Science and Technology. Energy Studies and Aerospace Engineering are given preference here. These scholarships include the air fare,  tuition fees, besides a stipend on a monthly basis and covering the living expenses in the UK.

    3. Sir Ratan Tata Scholarships

    Students who are applying for doctoral studies and post graduate studies are given partial grants through the Sir Ratan Tata Scholarship.  The grant consists of a partial international airfare from India to the university/organisation abroad. After finalising the university, the students proceeding for fall session (July, August and September) should submit their personal application to the Trust before May 31 every year. Students proceeding abroad for the spring session should contact the Trust three/four months prior to their departure, after finalising the university.

    4. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

    There are various scholarships under the  Charles Wallace India Trust (CWIT) The Long Term Scholarship covers up to a year's complete expenses, that includes accommodation, living costs, fees and a contribution to international fares. Other Grants include final year of doctoral study, short research fellowships, art residencies etc,.

    5. Rhodes Scholarships

    Rhodes Scholarships are awarded to Indian students based on leadership, character, commitment and exceptional intellect. Every year five of these scholarships are awarded to study at the Oxford University. You will find that the Rhodes Scholars are women and men with an intellect which can be considered outstanding and have a tremendous sense of leadership. These scholarships cover the airfare besides the University or College fees along with a personal stipend.

    6. Hornby Scholarships

    Hornby Scholarships are awarded to English language teachers from India and other developing countries. The main focus of this trust is to support the specialists in English like teacher-trainers, senior teachers, material writers and inspectors. These scholarships offer MA scholarships enabling them to study the English language in the UK and teach there for one academic year.  The graduates can then use this knowledge to advance their teaching skills in their home country. You need to have a minimum experience of five years as an English teacher.

    7. Felix Scholarships

    Felix Scholarship focuses on giving the under-privileged students of India and other countries which are under-developed an opportunity to complete their post graduation at a university in the UK. This Trust offers six scholarships every year for Indian graduates at the University of Reading, School of Oriental and African Studies and the Oxford University.  You must be under 30 years of age  and hold a first class Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university in order to apply for this scholarship.

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