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  • 8 Of The Top Colleges Offering Scholarships For MBA Study In The US

    8 Of The Top Colleges Offering Scholarships For MBA Study In The US
    Monday, September 14, 2015

    The major problem students who wish to pursue their MBA degree in the US is finance and for this reason you find many good students willing to give up on their dream of further studies in the US. The MBA scholarships seem to work as a blessing for these students. You find that US is a preferred destination for study abroad, especially for MBA as there are various top notch colleges offering scholarships to deserving students. A list of the colleges offering these scholarships is given below with the required information.

    1 Columbia Business School

    If you are a full time MBA student you can apply to the Columbia Business School for scholarship, as they offer scholarships which are need-based or even merit-based. The application for these scholarships is reviewed by the admission committee considering the undergraduate GPA, GMAT scores, interviews, work experience and more.  You can apply for a scholarship in your second year if you were not granted one in the first year as these are offered on a yearly basis. Some of the scholarships are the Meyer Feldberg Distinguished Fellowship Programme, Board of Overseers China and India Fellowships, Columbia Fellows Programme and more.

    2. Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

    Here you find that a student of any nationality can apply for scholarship. Academic performance, GPA, work experience, leadership skills, focus, goals and interpersonal skills are some of the criteria taken into consideration before you are granted a scholarship. Scholarships like Consortium for Graduate study in Management Fellowship, Johnson Endowed and Annual Scholarships, Forte Fellows Programme are some of the popular scholarships granted here.

    3. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business

    You find that the scholarships awarded here are at the admission time without the requirement of any formal process for application. The financial aid department and the admission officers  review the applications of the students who have been accepted into the MBA programme, after which the qualities of the candidates which are short-listed is assessed , this includes the quality of interview and the academic profile besides others. You find that there are a number of scholarships offered by the Chicago Booth School of Business like the Forte Foundation Fellowship, the Distinguished Fellows Programme , The Dennis W and Jane B Carlton Fellowship,  and more.

    4. Stanford Graduate School of Business

    Here the procedure differs as you need to apply on your own for the scholarship and are not considered automatically. You need to fill in the data form for fellowship when applying for your MBA.  Here the fellowships are based on need due to which the financial aid department determines whether you qualify for the scholarship after assessing your assets. Charles P. Bonini Partnership for Diversity (P4D) Fellowship, Orbis Investment Management Fellowship, Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship are some of the popular scholarships awarded here.

    5. Terry College of Business, University of Georgia

    Here you have the advantage of being considered for financial aid as all the applicants are considered. There is no process for applying separately for merit-based scholarships. You receive the help from this college in form of scholarships and need-based assistance financially or graduate assistantships, that is either you are given financial aid or you are given assistantship so that you learn the profession better but with a fixed stipend. The choice depends on your case.

    6. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas

    A number of students are offered graduate assistantships here. This tends to waive off the tuition fee and you are also paid a stipend for each semester which works out to $3,000 besides a scholarship of $ 2,500, for which each student granted this will need to work to almost 15 hours per week as assistant. The scholarship is segregated into three parts, waiving off the tuition fees, GA or graduate assistantship and the stipend. All those who are accepted are considered for this.

    7. Iowa State University

    You can look for stipends and research assistantship in the Iowa University, but you need to be deserving, which will be decided by the officers. You need to be a full-time student to expect this scholarship which works out to $2,000 to almost $6,000, which is a substantial sum considering the fact the fees in state universities is much more reasonable. As there is no special process, all students who have submitted a completed application are taken into consideration.

    8. East Tennessee State University

    International students can avail special scholarship here which is ‘International Students Academic Merit Scholarship’. You need to apply for this scholarship as students are not considered automatically like in other universities, and you can get almost 50 percent of the tuition fees. Before applying make sure you have scored well in GMAT, as besides this the work experience, skills and the undergraduate GPA will be taken into consideration.

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