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  • A Quick Glance at the Types of Student Visas for Australia

    A Quick Glance at the Types of Student Visas for Australia
    Wednesday, August 12, 2015

    You can consider Australia as the destination for global education. This works well for students who are looking for a wide range of options in quality education. In Australia, you are able to obtain an education, which is affordable besides being world-class. The universities and institutes in Australia are globally recognised for having some of the best educators besides world-class facilities. It works out well as this is a student-friendly country and has a friendly and vibrant culture. There are several options of student visa in Australia, depending on the type of study, like graduate degree, English language course, higher education, vocational training and lots more.

     The options for student visa

    1. Independent ELICOS (subclass 570)

    This visa can let you stay in Australia to study an English language Intensive Course for overseas student (ELICOS) on a full-time basis. You are able to get this visa once you have enrolled in a full-time English language Intensive course for overseas students.

    2. Schools (sub class 571)

    This visa can help you study a full-time school course, and the requirement being enrolled as a student in a secondary or primary school or participating in the school exchange programme in the secondary level.

    3.  Vocational Educational and Training (Subclass 572)

    With this visa, you can study a full-time educational and vocational course in Australia. The streamlined visa process is designed in a way that the international students applying for this visa.  The eligibility being, the main course of your study is Advanced Diploma Level course. You can get this visa if you are enrolled in a registered vocational training and education course or even in a registered course awarding advanced diploma.

    4. Higher education (sub class 573)

    The streamlined visa process for this visa eligibility is your main course of study that is Advanced Diploma, Masters or Bachelor’s degree. Your enrolment in a registered course for a bachelor or an associate degree, a master’s degree by coursework, a graduate diploma or certificate, an advanced diploma or a higher education diploma makes it possible for you to get this visa.

    5.  Post Graduate Research (Subclass 574)

    This visa ensures you can do your post-graduate research in Australia and the streamlined visa processing requires you to have a Doctoral or a Master’s degree by research. You can get this visa once you are enrolled in a registered course for the master’s degree by research or the doctoral degree.

    6. Non-award ( 575)

    This visa can let you stay in Australia to study a non-award foundation studies course or course of components of a specific course, which does not include ELICOS. The streamlined visa processing for this is for international students who wish to study the courses in a non-university or the participating university in Australia: a semester or one year with the study abroad programme or the student exchange programme for a year or a semester. This visa is possible if you are enrolled in a course that is registered but does not lead to an award.

    Other options for visas in Australia

    For shorter periods of study you got the options of applying for a Working Holiday Maker Visa or a Visitor Visa. With the Visitor visa you are able to study in Australia for a period of 3 months ensuring you have enough finance to meet your requirement and can meet the requirements for character and health. With the Working Holiday Maker Visa you can stay in Australia up to a period of 4 months being able to prove the principal reason of you visiting Australia is for a holiday. You need to be sure of your age being more than 18 years and less than 30 years and have sufficient finance to support yourself not forgetting to meet the requirements for health and character.

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