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  • All About the Graduate Admission Tests

    All About the Graduate Admission Tests
    Monday, June 08, 2015

    If you are planning to travel abroad to pursue further studies it is all about having that extra confidence. Being a graduate is a feat enough for students these days, but appearing for graduate admission tests can instil that wee bit extra confidence. A graduation admission test preparation becomes essential and going about it the right way is making sure of your success. For this, obviously you need a perfect graduate admission coaching class. This is, seemingly, the only test for graduate or a business school that gives you the freedom to change answers, skip questions and also tackle the questions you wish to answer first.


    Apart from the various options given to you, the best option is to take the test more than once, so that you can send your best scores to the schools. Knowing this takes your confidence to a new high. Being able to show the schools your best, it is advisable to take this test as it does open up a lot of opportunities and is able to take care of your future in a constructive manner. We at ‘The Chopras’ are able to guide you in this respect and advise you rightly so that you are benefitted to the maximum. Graduation admission test preparation requires that extra effort, which is possible with the best graduation admission coaching centre in India.

    The Chopras

    With an active interest in the education system and also the future of our students, we make sure they are able to get out of their confusion and choose a right career. We have our professionals all round India, and with their expert knowledge guide the students in the right direction. We have our professionals visiting the different universities frequently, so keep a first had knowledge of the happenings there. With this knowledge, we make sure the students are at an advantage.

    The GRE

    As part of this GRE General test, we have questions reflecting the kind of thinking you need to perform at a business school. With this factor in mind, it is definitely important to choose the graduate admission coaching class in India which works out best for you. The following components are there:

    1. Verbal reasoning: Here your ability to analyse and evaluate written material and also synthesise information is measured. This also stresses on the connection between the different words in the sentences and the concepts.

    2. Quantitative reasoning: This is all about the problem-solving ability and measure how you go about solving problems in algebra, arithmetic and data-analysis.

    3. Analytical writing: This test aims at measuring analytical skills in writing combined with critical thinking. It concentrates on your ability to support complex ideas and articulate them in an effective way.

    The Right Guidance

    Getting the right advice and guidance on how to go about these GRE tests will make sure you get into the right place and you do not face any hassles or problems.  With the other services offered by us, like the selection of the course and university, and also a watch on the scholarships, or assistance with the visa formalities, going all the way to provide assistance pre-departure, we are sure our students are confident while taking this big step of pursuing their studies overseas.

    The GRE and how it works

    Being the most accepted test, the GRE is able to predict which school will accept the student on the basis of their performance and grades. We do have schools keeping cut-off points to limit application, and there are many who use the GRE score to actually determine the amount of financial support for the student. This test provides the graduate schools a measure which is common qualifying the applicants. This test also determines the eligibility of the student for fellowships and student grants, as well as research assistantships and teaching.

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