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  • Amity University Dubai - Redefining Higher Education Every Day

    Amity University Dubai - Redefining Higher Education Every Day
    Wednesday, July 04, 2018

    Higher education, something that used to bring in the mind an image of students chasing their next higher degree to add on their wall of fame but it is no longer limited to that chase. Or is it?

    Higher education has now expanded its horizons from burning the midnight oil for just another degree to exploring the new experiences and opportunities that studying abroad can offer.  Therefore, let us look at how studying at Amity University Dubai is going to serve this purpose.

    Why Dubai?

    Leaving behind its past from being limited to an oil-based economy, UAE has emerged as an excellent hub of innovation and learning. Dubai is one of the major regions in UAE that is undergoing this transition at an accelerated pace and no wonder the city has managed to rank itself among the world's best-rated student cities.

    Being one of the fastest growing economies and capacity for state of the art facilities and academic infrastructure, Dubai has attracted a lot of attention from foreign universities from over 10 countries including USA, UK, Australia, Canada to set up their branch campuses in the city.


    Amity University Dubai is a part of the renowned Amity Education Group having an illustrious track record spanning over 20 years. It has 23 campuses spread over 1,000 acres including 4 world-class universities, in India.

    Established more than 25 years ago, the Amity Education Group is a leading education group offering globally benchmarked education right from pre-schools to Ph.D. level with 150,000 students worldwide. Amity University Dubai is a part of this renowned group and one of the most sought-after global education destinations intensely focused on innovations and developments in science, technology, and other disciplines.


    Dubai as study abroad destination is always keen on close monitoring and maintaining its academic standards at par with global standards. This has helped build value creation and trust among the international students worldwide in choosing to study in Dubai. Studying at Amity University Dubai comes with experiencing all these benefits that the government has to offer and even more!

    For example, studying in Dubai requires students to get visa renewal annually which in case of Amity University files and sponsors your visa for you. How about saving that hassle?

    Let us look closely at some other noteworthy aspects of choosing to study in Amity University Dubai:

    • University-sponsored Visa gives students a benefit of almost zero visa rejection
    • Students are not required to show funds or face any embassy interviews/assessments. Just pay your 1st Semester fees and other visa deposits and you are good to go!
    • Amity offers 100% placement assistance to its full-time students and brilliant internship programs.
    • Amity students once placed are put under 2 to 3 year employment contract by their respective employers ensuring job security.

    Decisions to study abroad are crucial for every student at this stage, especially choosing the country and the university. But Dubai and especially Amity seems to be very strong contenders of success in the present global education scenario.

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