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  • At a Glance - Student Visa for New Zealand

    At a Glance - Student Visa for New Zealand
    Tuesday, July 21, 2015

    New Zealand is fast gaining in popularity as a Study Abroad destination. The class of education provided here and the life style offered is making it popular among many international students. Possessing a valid visa to study in New Zealand is pertinent. Let us look into the types of visa required for New Zealand and the procedure followed to get this.

    Type of visa required

    Staying in New Zealand for a period that exceeds the three month mark for the purpose of education requires a Student Visa. More than twenty hours of classes per week is considered full-time, for which the students have to apply to the Immigration Department, New Zealand (INZ) for the required Student Visa.

    The time required for processing the visa

    With New Zealand re-structuring the process for visa application in November 2011, the whole process has worked out more student friendly and efficient. There is a vast improvement in the services, which makes it possible for the authorities to deliver almost 80% of applications for student visas within a time span of 30 days.

    The cost incurred for the process

    A Student Visa for New Zealand will cost around INR 8,463.29/- which has to be paid via a draft or a bank cheque, as INZ in New Delhi does not accept credit cards or cash.

    Working while studying in New Zealand

    International students on a full-time course are permitted to work 20 hours a week while studying. They can opt for working on holidays. Foreign students who desire to work, have to apply for a variation in the student visa conditions. It can be updated at a  later if not done while filling up the application. It is important to ensure the validity of the student visa.

    Working after graduation in New Zealand

    International students are encouraged by the New Zealand government to extend their stay for up to 12 months to gain employment in their chosen field, working on a temporary basis elsewhere till the time a suitable job is found. This is only allowed under a certain set of rules, which is termed as Graduate Job Search Work Instructions.

    The students who secure jobs after their graduation have to apply for the Graduate Work Experience Visa following the Study to Work Instructions. With this a student can work up to two years in New Zealand gaining enough experience in their chosen field.

    Overseas students who are eligible can get this Visa for up to three years. This is applicable to those who want to register or get a membership with a professional association in New Zealand which needs a minimum of two years of experience for joining.

    Opportunities for immigration

    After meeting all the set requirements, you can be eligible for Work to Residence visa. This category of visa totally depends on whether the occupation opted by you is included in the list of Long Terms Skills Shortage. Certain factors to bear in mind before you decide on a student visa for New Zealand are

    1. The immigration officer approached is licensed.

    2. Full-time students as defined by the authorities in New Zealand are those who attend a Private Training Establishment, or PTE for 20 hours every week and study for at least three papers, with every semester at an institution besides the PTE, or even attending an intermediate, secondary or primary school for a minimum of one school term.

    3. The Student Visa for New Zealand can be applied for in New Zealand if you are already there. This Visa will include conditions for travelling giving you permission for more than one journey before the expiry of the Visa.

    4. Applying for a Student Visa online is an option, but for that you need to make sure that the education provider is in an arrangement with the Immigration New Zealand.

    5. If you are under 17,  a legal guardian has to accompany you.

    6. You can take your household items or even a car to New Zealand without paying custom's duty.

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Comment By REDDAPPA K N On Sunday, July 26, 2015, 4:35 AM

Dear sir/madam,I have the IELTS score of 5.5 with that can i go for my postgraduation course in newzealand. and also i heard that their is staff are coming to chopras for the admissions can i have the date, so that i can plan to visit them on that date.Regards Reddappa
Comment By muzhgan On Sunday, July 26, 2015, 11:07 AM

I need to study in new zealand

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