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  • Australia-New Zealand Education Fair 2018 - Don't Miss!

    Australia-New Zealand Education Fair 2018 - Don't Miss!
    Friday, March 09, 2018

    Travel, Learning, Education, and Travel. It would not be too much to say that this small loop suffices the goals of today's young minds. There used to be a time when the mere mention of the word 'travel' induced images of beautiful sunrises, sight-seeing, shopping areas and cuisines somewhere in an unknown land. However, does it stand true now? If not then it is safe to complete the picture with just one word- Higher Education. Students of the present generation are now increasingly becoming aware of the world at large and with this awareness comes the longing to expand their knowledge base. Education is no more limited to just degrees and a job; it has become a holistic way of evolving their perspective and persona.

    The Chopras understand this shift that has been happening for some time and has made it a mission to help Indian students reach out to the world's top study abroad destinations for their higher education. Among the variety of options available, Australia and New Zealand have emerged as the dominant contenders by attracting a large number of international students every year.

    In an attempt to take this step further, The Chopras are organising AUSTRALIA- NEW ZEALAND EDUCATION FAIR 2018 in the month of March across different cities nationwide.

    Why Choose Australia or New Zealand?

    Let us answer this question with these facts:

    • Did you know that The Australian National University ranks #20 while The University of Melbourne on #41 in the QS world rankings 2018
    • Did you know that after completing their degree, students are encouraged by the Government of New Zealand to stay back and work, unlike other popular study abroad destinations?

    Not only is Australia home to Top 7 Global Universities but also houses Top 5 Best Student Cities in the world with of course the globally recognised courses and qualifications. Coming to our next destination New Zealand which is globally renowned for Research, Innovation and Technological Development and offering a practically orientated Study environment.

    Now with such perks, it leaves nothing to imagine why you should not consider pursuing your higher education in either Australia or New Zealand!

    The Australia- New Zealand Education Fair 2018 offers an experienced and a professional team of education and career guidance relationship managers who will guide you through your doubts or any study abroad related queries by providing you with the right answers and the best options for your particular profile. The education fair commences in Pune from 10th March and travelling a month-long itinerary, it will conclude in Jaipur on 31st March 2018.

    On an ending note, we ask you a question:
    Are you determined to give shape to your aspirations to study abroad?

    If yes, then why delay?
    Register for the Australia- New Zealand education fair here

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