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  • Australia Student Visa Guide

    Australia Student Visa Guide
    Wednesday, August 26, 2015

    The processing of the student visa with few easy steps

    Study in Australia but before this you have a thorough knowledge of the process for applying for a student visa, so that you can go through this smoothly and a visa is granted to you at the right time, that being before the course you have registered for commences.  You need to make sure that the criteria is met to the tee so that there are no problems where the visa is concerned. The important requirement here is that the applicant is a GTE, or a Genuine Temporary Entrant besides being a genuine student.

    Genuine Temporary Entrant

    This requirement has been made specially to satisfy the Australian Government that your intention for coming here is genuine and you will not look for permanent residentship. That is, you will return to your home country once your education is over. This also applies to any guardians accompanying you. The factors listed below are assessed by the decision-makers making sure of GTE.

    1. The course chosen by the student, what value does it have for the future of the student?

    2. The circumstances of the applicant in their home country.

    3. The potential circumstances of the applicant in Australia.

    4. The immigration history of the applicant.

    5. Any other matters, which seem relevant to the decision makers.

    There is a possibility of the applicant being interviewed by the decision makers to be sure of the case being genuine.

    Proof of enrolment in a course in Australia

    All applicants need to provide an offer letter or Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) by a registered university in Australia along with their student visa application.

    Requirements of finance

    The rules here require all international students to show proof of the funds covering the living costs, tuition, and school costs. The AL or the assessment level of the student can determine the fund amount, which is to be shown, besides how long can these be held and who will be providing them. You need to have evidence of the individual who is providing these funds should be earning enough to have accumulated the amount.  The decision maker will have to be convinced that as long as the applicant holds the visa, he/she will have the required access to these funds.

    Sources acceptable for funding the applicant

    These can include loans got from financial institutions, or even a loan from the government of the home country of the applicant, support from an Australian Education provider, The Australian government sponsoring, or the sponsorship from the national or state government of the applicant’s home country or even financial support from non-profitable organizations, which are acceptable, and a lot more.

    Funds thar are non-acceptable

    These include Gold and other jewellery, mutual funds and shares, Life insurance documents or Bonds.

    Requirement of English Proficiency

    To make sure a student can fare well in their course, it becomes important to prove your proficiency in the English Language, which requires you to produce the scores of either the IELTS, TOFEL IBT, Pearson Test of English Academic, Cambridge Advanced English (CAE), or the Occupational English Test (OET).

    The Health requirements

    For the health requirements, if required, you will be notified once you have lodged your application with the Australian Embassy. You need to meet the panel doctor who is approved. The list is given to you. Information on the type of visa you have applied for is required by the panel doctor.

    Assessment of Character

    You need to be of a good character before you enter Australia, and there are chances of you being asked for a police clearance certificate or any other sort of evidence proving this. You need to declare any offences by you, if not declared this might have a negative impact on the application.

    The Overseas Student Health Cover

    This is mandatory for all students and any one accompanying them as this medical cover ensures all the medical bills are looked into. This health cover can also look into other emergencies like being admitted in a hospital or the requirement of an ambulance during an emergency. You need to make sure The OSHC is by an approved company.

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