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  • Canada Student Visa Guide

    Canada Student Visa Guide
    Saturday, September 05, 2015

    Get Your Student Visa For Canada In Few Easy Steps

    There are many students who wish to opt for Canada as their study destination. Knowing the requirements and the application process for a Canada student visa can help you take the right approach without committing any errors that will become a hurdle in the visa application for Canada. The first step is being able to get the Canadian study permit, which can be considered a student visa as long as you stay there. There is no requirement of this permit in Canada if you have opted for a course that lasts less than six month or even six months.

    The Canadian study permit can be renewed in Canada if you have the intention of continuing your education there. For students doing full-tine courses at an accredited institution, this permit can help them work part-time on the campus only.

    Applying for the Canadian Study Permit

    If you wish to apply for the Canadian study permit in the paper form, you will need to get the same from Citizen and Immigration Canada office. These take a little longer as compared to the online process, which can work out fast so there is no wasting of time. All you need for applying online is a debit card or a credit card besides being able to get electronic copies of the documents required. The documents required can be different in different places, for which you need to contact the visa office, which is in your country.

    1. You need to first get hold of the letter of acceptance from a higher education institution, which is recognised. You can do so, by requesting your university by providing you proper guidelines.

    2. The next step to be taken is to get the package for Canadian student visa applications which can be got form your visa office locally or even online from the website of CIC. You might require a residence permit which is not difficult.

    3. If you have opted to get the package online on the CIC website, there might be a few questions you will need to answer which help in determining your eligibility for online application for the package.

    4. If this works out and your eligibility is approved you get a checklist code which has a validity of 60 days. This is required for online application. Printing out the page for reference is advisable. You will find the applicable tuition fees, a guide for application and what documents are required for submission along with the application. You will also be guided what step is to be taken next.

    5. You need to create a personal CIC account, MyCIC, where the checklist code needs to be entered. After which you get a document check list which can allow you to send the documents after uploading to CIC.

    6. Once the application form along with the documents is ready and the fees are paid you are able to submit the application to CIC.

    7. There are chances of you being called for an interview in the visa office.

    Additional requirements for Canadian student Visa

    Residents of specified countries will need to provide finger prints and photographs. There are chances of medical examination and a check up by the cops for some. Obviously, you require a valid passport. Two photographs passport sized with date of birth along with your name written at the back. Finally, like most of the countries, Canada also requires a proof of finances so that you are able to support yourself. For this, you can provide bank statements, a bank draft in a currency, which can be converted, proof of the payment of accommodation and tuition fees, or even a proof of funding if it is done in Canada, like a scholarship.

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Comment By canada visa On Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 1:17 PM

Must be read!There are many students who wish to opt for Canada as their study destination. Knowing the requirements and the application process for a Canada student visa can help you take the right approach . Thanks for sharing!

Comment By The Chopras On Monday, April 17, 2017, 3:17 PM

Thank you we are glad you liked it.

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