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  • Cost of Studying in France: 4 Things to Know

    Cost of Studying in France: 4 Things to Know
    Monday, June 22, 2015

    France is fast developing into a popular destination for international students. One of the major benefits of studying in France is their incredible fee system. However, students should get the complete picture of the costs associated with their education in France. Let’s find out.

    1. Tuition Fees

    One of the biggest benefits of getting higher education in France is the fee system. Most universities in France offer low fees for the majority of their courses. The average fees for the bachelors’ degree in such systems are approximately €181 on an yearly basis. A masters’ programme will cost €250 every year on an average while a doctorate course will require approximately €380 per year. Of course, there are certain exceptions such as engineering courses that are expensive.

    International students will need to spend considerably more if they wish to study at the top class educational institutes in France. Most of them only offer postgraduate studies and have a highly strict criteria for the students who want to enrol there. They have their own fees structure in place. Some of them can cost as much as €500 to €600 per year.

    2. Financial Support

    International students can apply for the various scholarships and grant programmes in order to reduce their burden of financing their education in France. In most cases, the student will need to demonstrate their financial needs for the grants as a part of the application process. The amount given through these grants can vary significantly. However, the minimum amount is usually around €1606 per year. On the other hand, grants based on merit can provide a minimum of €1800. Moreover, grants can exempt the student or reduce the money required for health coverage.

    3. Health Insurance

    In France, students can enjoy health insurance coverage for free till they reach the age of 20. Till then, the students will only incur other expenses while studying in the country; such as living costs and education costs. After they turn 20, the students will have to pay for their own health insurance. The costs of health insurance will be around €200 per year. However, the health insurance can cover most medical expenses.

    4. Living Expenses

    The costs of living in France will depend a lot on the accommodation chosen. The cost of accommodation will be the biggest contributor to the living expenses in France. In most cases, the average cost will be between €250 and €700 per month. Nevertheless, the rate depends on the choice of region and the type of accommodation selected.

    In order to reduce expenses, it is also possible to get the accommodation at the university. Universities in France provide residence halls at reduced rates for the benefit of their students, especially the international students. Even in Paris, one of the costliest cities in France, the cost of such a residence is only €120 per month.

    There are certain scholarships, which provide a residence for students to stay for the duration mentioned at cheap rates. Other scholarships can provide a separate allowance for accommodation. It is possible to get private residences but they tend to be costlier. The average starting cost for a private flat can be €300 per month.

    Other living expenses can be quite affordable. However, the costs rise significantly if living in Paris. Food, transportation and other expenses will amount to approximately €350 per month minimum. It can even rise to €500 per month depending on the type of lifestyle chosen by the student.

    France can be an excellent place for education. It can be a bit costly for students but an education in France will still be comparatively cheaper than UK or US.

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