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  • Cost of Studying in Ireland: 3 Things to Know

    Cost of Studying in Ireland: 3 Things to Know
    Tuesday, July 07, 2015

    The most obvious reason for studying in Ireland is that it provides international standard education. Ireland is turning out to be a popular Study Abroad destination among students from different countries. The country provides degrees, diplomas and post-graduate courses in most of the important disciplines. One important factor that attracts students from all over the world to Ireland is the Language. English is the most spoken language in the country.  Another important reason for international students to choose Ireland  is that about seven universities rank in the top 700 in the world (according to QS World University Rankings) and two among those are in the top 200. Here are three must-know factors about studying in Ireland.

    1. Cost of studying in Ireland

    If you are from the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA) countries, tuition fee is nil. You have to pay around €2,250 towards administration, equipment, and examination. The Irish government pays all the bills for the EEA students and for students who have been officially granted the refugee status. Also, for students who have been residents in an EU member state for a minimum of three years before enrolling for a course in Ireland, the Irish government pays for the tuition. .

    All international students, irrespective of whether they belong to an EEA nation or not, are required to pay a contribution amount while entering the university. All universities ask for a similar amount of contribution from their students. The cost covers equipment usage during the period of their course, exam fees, and miscellaneous administration fees. Earlier, the universities asked for discredited registration fees, which was later replaced as students’ contribution fees. This was done after a series of annual increases in large amounts. You are expected to pay €3,000 as Contribution Fee. This year the University of Edinburgh charged a total of €9,000 from undergraduate UK students who live outside Scotland.

    2. Tuition Fees for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses

    The average education cost in Ireland is between €9500 and €13,000. This is the average amount for both graduate and postgraduate students. However, in addition to these, there are medical costs, which require a student to spend around €20,000 per year. If you are studying for a full-time degree, you can apply for tuition fee loans. Given below is a short guide on the average costs you would incur for studying in Ireland:

    Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Courses (per year)

    Medical courses: €31,000 - €45,000

    Science & Technology: €9100 - €16,500

    Engineering: €9100 - €20,300

    Business: €9000 - €15,500

    Arts & Humanities: €9100 - €15,500

    Tuition Fees for Postgraduate Courses (per year)

    Medical courses:  €12,035 - €37,000

    Science & Technology: €9150 - €18,000

    Engineering: €9150 - €18,000

    Business: €9150 - €18,800

    Arts & Humanities: €8900 - €20,000

    3. Living costs in Ireland

    Living costs in Ireland depends on the area where a student chooses to stay. The lifestyle of the student also plays a major role in the overall cost. However, on an average students need to spend on food, clothing, accommodation and textbooks. In addition to that, study material, laundry, telephone bills and socialising. Taking everything into consideration, a student’s cost of living may go up to €7500 - €12,000.

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Comment By Arawat On Saturday, July 11, 2015, 3:57 PM

What postgraduate courses are being offered. Is there an entrance examination for that. are non clinical courses also on the offing. is it possible to settle down in ireland after doing postgraduation from there

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