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  • Cost of Studying in Malaysia: 3 Things to Know

    Cost of Studying in Malaysia: 3 Things to Know
    Monday, June 15, 2015

    Malaysia has more than 90,000 students from foreign countries studying in various universities in the country. One of the major reasons why international students give preference to Malaysia as their study abroad destination is the costs associated with it. The education cost for studying and living in Malaysia and associated student expenses is lower than other countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Nevertheless, the international students should be familiar with the various aspects of the budget they require for an education in Malaysia.

    1. International Courses

    Malaysia has a number of universities from foreign countries, such as Australia, the US and the UK. These universities have opened up their branches in the country. The quality of education provided by these universities is the same as the main campuses. Each course offered is exactly the same. However, there is one significant difference, and that is the cost.

    International students can study at the Malaysia branch of UK university and get a UK degree from that university at a much lower cost. If they had done the course in the UK, they may end up paying twice the expenses. On an average, a UK degree in engineering costs MYR 51,000. The same programme in the UK would have cost approximately MYR 144,000. That is over twice the cost from what the student will have to pay in Malaysia.

    2. The Living Expenses

    The cost of living depends upon the choice of lifestyle preferred by the students along with the location and the type of accommodation. In Malaysia, students do not require a lot of money to lead a comfortable life. In most cases, a reasonably comfortable lifestyle costs MYR 1,200 every month.

    International students can get accommodation for MYR 300 to MYR 450 on a monthly basis. However, the costs can differ on the basis of the location of the accommodation. The type of accommodation selected by the student will also affect the cost.

    International students will find that they do not require more than MYR 450 per month on an average for their expenses in food and housekeeping. As for the travel costs, students need to spend approximately MYR 30 to MYR 50 every month.

    There will also be educational expenses, such as programme materials. Such expenses can vary significantly due to the requirements of different programmes. Students may have to shell out anything between MYR 50 to MYR 100 for these expenses.

    International students should always set aside a budget for medical expenses each month. In most cases, a budget of around MYR 50 will suffice. Students may allocate more if they want.

    3. Course Fees

    In Malaysia, students will have to pay for tuition fees, associated educational expenses, registration fees, examination fees and health insurance. All of these can fall under course fees. The amount that the international students pay as part of their course fees will depend on a number of factors.

    The education institution chosen by the student will depend upon the total course fees. The programme will be another significant factor. Programmes in medicine and pharmacy tend to be the costliest options in Malaysia. The total costs can be as much as MYR 300,000 for bachelor’s degrees. Business and engineering courses tend to be more affordable with a minimum cost ranging from MYR 43,000 to MYR 46,000 for graduate courses. There are a number of education institutions in Malaysia that offer pre-university studies. These programmes are considerably cheaper than other options.

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Comment By G.Nimeleshwaran On Saturday, June 20, 2015, 3:29 PM

Like to do Law course BA LLB Hon 3 yrs in Malaysia. I have passed CBSC 12 th central board examination. I like to know any good and recognized university to select. Ps send me a mail for further communication before deciding my admission.

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