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  • Crack the GRE Exam With These Easy Tips

    Crack the GRE Exam With These Easy Tips
    Thursday, August 13, 2015

    Preparing for this GRE test is the first step before you plan how to solve the exam. You need to know the process and the registration besides the type of question you will be asked and the directions. You will require information on how long you can take these questions and how many questions will be asked. Preparing for this, you need to make sure how much time you can give and what your preferences are. The process for administration includes appointment scheduling, registration, time, date, location of the exam centre, the procedures for score-reporting and the cost.

    The content of the test

    You need to make yourself familiar with the content of each section. You will be assessed on your Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing. For all these sections, you require:

    1. Stamina mentally

    This GRE exam is of 3 hours and 45 minutes and you get 1 minute between 2 sections with a break of 10 minutes after the first three sections. Make sure you can concentrate totally as you cannot afford to lose even a minute. This is where your endurance will make all the difference. We advise practice and more practice which seems to be the only solution to this. You can think of taking practice tests on a full length only after you are comfortable with the different section on an individual basis. 2 weeks before the exam, you can schedule these practice tests at regular intervals and try to judge which section takes up more time. You need to work on the improvement of your speed.

    2. Take this GRE test as a different test as compared to the school test

    The syllabus might be similar to your college, but do not make the mistake of being overconfident with what you can score in this exam. GRE is focused on testing your ability for reasoning, you might find most of the questions are based on logic with a certain twist to them. Understanding this might make it easier for you to give this test and also score in it. You need to find out a strategy where you can attempt these questions instead of only following procedures and concepts.

    3. Learning by heart is totally a ‘NO’.

     Besides knowing the meanings of words you need to know the context in which these words are used. Though these words are important in answering question on completion of sentences, the whole idea of these questions is testing the vocabulary of the student. Knowing only the meaning does not work at all without the knowledge of the context in which they are used. You can try learning the words using examples. This helps you in knowing how a specific word is used in a situation.

    4. Preparation of Analytical Writing

    This section requires you to spend enough time practicing and not making the mistake of going for this without any preparations. You can practice by preparing a format, which can outline the structure of the essays. You can then practice writing essays following this format. This ensures you know the points you will require for the essay.

    5. Study material to be chosen carefully

    There are many students who are satisfied referring to just one book. This is a big mistake. You can supplement your book with other study material available in the market. The internet is now made it possible to refer to more than one type of material. Make the whole process simple by first understanding the concept and then opting for material, which is more advanced. Try not to cramp yourself with too much; a step-by-step process can do the trick. You can start preparing well in advance so you are sure of cracking this GRE exam.

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