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  • Culture and Lifestyle of France

    Culture and Lifestyle of France
    Tuesday, December 08, 2015

    If you have made up your mind to study in France then you will need to be aware of the culture, people and lifestyle of this place. This can make your stay comfortable and also in this way you can enjoy the place while studying, as you will be here for a long time. Life here or any other place in Europe is busy and is tough as compared to most other places, be it India or Pakistan. Besides studying, you will also be required to do the washing, cleaning, cooking, shopping and also probably work at the same time, for which having knowledge of the culture of the place along with the lifestyle of the people here is always beneficial.

    Culture of France

    The culture in France has been shaped by historical events of a profound nature, geography, and also by internal and foreign forces and groups. Since the 17th century, France, more so Paris, has been an important centre for culture in Europe and also worldwide. France has also been important where cuisine, cinema and fashion are talked about. The French culture's importance has waned and waxed over with time, which depended on the political, economic and also military importance. As of today, the culture here is marked by unifying tendencies which are strong and also socioeconomic and regional differences.

    Lifestyle and the People of France

    The French follow an attitude of 'live and let live'. So you will find most of the people here are relaxed and fun-loving, but at the same time learn a lot and work equally hard. The younger generation, in no way, judge others, whereas the older generation are more involved in the preservation of the Catholic life in a traditional manner. The generations termed as 'older generation' speak only the French language and expect everyone around them to do so. The people here are considered as light-hearted and they are game for a good laugh.

    French Cuisine and Markets

    The cuisine here is considered amazing with a combination of specialities and a staple diet. Wine, Cheese and Baguettes are the most popular and they have become important for the French experience which is quintessential. These three food items are one way to experience a cuisine of the French. The specialities include duck dishes, sea food, foie gras, escargots, truffles, sardines and more.

    Shopping for Grocery

    Shopping for grocery in France is different as compared to other places. Fresh foods are brought from the farmer's markets and canned food and dry goods are bought from grocery store. It is a common sight to see the French shopping for fresh foods on a daily basis. The products here are grown locally and are seasonal.

    Things to do in France

    You find that Mushroom hunting is popular throughout Europe but more so in France. It is important thing to get the landowner's permission before you think of doing so. Opting for the public mushroom grounds which are owned by the government require no permission. The southern and western regions of France are apt for this. You can think of visiting the museums, go for public events or cinemas. You will find people of all ages going to the theatres. You have the Cannes film Festival here, which is one of the most popular film festivals globally. Fairs, carnivals and festivals can give you an insight to the French culture. The International Garden Festival, Tour de France, Festival d’Automne de Paris and a lot many more are included in this. You find that the people of France love entertainment and do not miss out on any chance.

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