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  • Discover the Emerald Isle - An overview for overseas students in Ireland

    Discover the Emerald Isle - An overview for overseas students in Ireland
    Wednesday, October 21, 2015

    Poetically called the Emerald Isle for its green landscape; Ireland is a large island in the North Atlantic on the west coast of Britain. Politically, it is divided as The Republic of Ireland (officially named as Ireland) and Northern Ireland since 1921. This commercially prosperous economy with its booming tourism industry and rich contribution in the world of English literature and music has invested heavily into its higher educational programmes. Often called the most Entrepreneurial country in Europe, Ireland has evolved as a study abroad destination for overseas students with Irish colleges and universities offering more than 5000 globally recognised certification courses.

    More About Ireland

    Ireland has a distinct cultural identity and interesting Irish dialect, but English is universally spoken all over the country making it easy for outsiders to adapt. With numerous global companies and research institutes based out of Ireland, offering attractive career opportunities, this friendly and safe country is an ideal choice for the aspiring professionals and higher education students. Thousands of students from around the world have reaped benefits from the Irish educational system and revelled in the vibrant local culture. The land of celebrated playwrights like Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, is also the land of Robert Boyle the undisputed Father of Chemistry.

    Rich Culture and Welcoming People of Ireland

    Apart from excellence in the field of literature and science, Ireland is also famous for its fun-loving culture and entertaining music. Over generations, some of the characteristic Irish traditions have become diluted or faded. A typical Irish tradition which is said to be 100 years old is Irish blessing which is still kept alive by people from around the world.

    Ireland is famous for its music, arts and dance. Irish harp is one famous musical instrument. English is the main language spoken throughout Ireland-with an Irish accent. The traditional language Gaelic is spoken mainly on the west coast. 88% of the population are Roman Catholics.

    People of Ireland are passionate about politics, sport and about parsing their place in the world. They love travel and spending time with their families. People are crazy about quirky little things like red lemonade, potato farls and tayto crisps which is a must try when one visits Ireland. There are 2 currencies used in Ireland -Euro and Pound sterling.

    Some point to consider when studying in Ireland

    The premier Irish institute you choose to enrol in, will no doubt guide you about all requisite documentation and paperwork, but one critical point to consider is registering with the GNIB i.e. the Garda National Immigration Bureau for all non –Irish and Non EU residents.

    Another critical factor is properly managing your finances while in Ireland. The modern banking and financial system prevalent here is quiet transparent and convenient. Many banks offer attractive student rates and even free banking alternatives. With reliable verification of your identity based on standard documents, opening an account and managing finances safely is easy and hassle-free.

    It is important to carry a valid insurance, it is mandatory for the Non-EEA students to have medical insurance. The private insurance that the student goes for should cover his/her accidents, diseases and also the amount of time admitted in hospital.

    It is also best to consider the kind of accommodation that you will go for before you arrive in Ireland. There are various websites available on the internet to help you find and finalize a suitable accommodation. The students are provided with convenient rooms where they can study and feel comfortable, but it is often good to make these settings in advance to be on a safer side.

    The weather in Ireland is also beautiful and not predictable. So be ready with all the gear to protect you from the rain and snow.

    While studying in Ireland, students can take up casual work of 20 hours a week in normal college days and 40 hours a week in holidays. However, it is best to keep in mind that studies are a priority and if your work is hindering your studies then the best thing would be to manage your budget so that you don’t need a part time job.

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