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  • Eligibility Criteria For Undergraduate Courses In Germany

    Eligibility Criteria For Undergraduate Courses In Germany
    Saturday, October 10, 2015

    Germany offers excellent opportunities for international students who wish to sharpen their skills and knowledge. It is a good place for students who wish to pursue higher studies abroad. Students who graduate from here acquire high level of confidence and poise, which are necessary when entering the job market. Candidates who pass out from German institutions are held in high regard by many leading organisations, thereby opening chances for the candidates for lucrative and challenging job opportunities. While opting to study abroad, a degree from Germany is a highly prized qualification, what more can students ask for?

    Undergraduate courses from Germany are known for their quality, value and class. Students studying in Germany can choose from a combination of subjects that interest them and, thus, plan their career themselves.


    Students who want to apply for undergraduate courses in Germany need to undertake one-year bridge programme to compensate for 13 yrs school in Germany against 12 yrs in India. Students eligible for under graduation course from India must have excellent academic records up to 10+2 and have a basic knowledge of German (GIII level of Max Mueller Bhavan).  After completion of bridge programme, Indian students need to pass an assessment test in order to get admission in German institutions for equivalent of bachelor’s degree. Students who have cleared the IIT – JEE are exempted. Students who have completed 2 years of undergraduate studies are also exempted from assessment tests. But, they have to prove their efficiency in German language.

    In case a student has not completed JEE advanced, one can join studies in KOLLEG which offers preparatory courses in the desired subject, In case a student’s academic qualification is not considered on par with High School level required of university studies they offer subjects under 5 broad categories.

    a)      Course for Humanities.

    b)      Course for Language subjects.

    c)      Course for Social Sciences, Economics &/or related subjects.

    d)      Course for Scientific subjects and Mathematics.

    e)      Course for Medicine, Biology or related subjects.

    It is important to note that clearing the test does not guarantee admission. Hence, for students from India it is advisable to devote 1 yr in subject of choice from a recognised University and another important aspect for admission in German universities is proficiency in German language. Courses are full time and extended to two semesters. At the end of the course students are required to clear Feststellungsprüfung which makes students eligible for admission in a course of their choice.

    For pursuing a degree course from a German university one has to undertake a 3 yr undergraduate programme which is recognised universally thereby opening more job opportunities in their respective fields.


    A three-year course of comprehensive study and class room lecture is required for completion of undergraduate studies and qualify for bachelor’s degree. The programme is structured in modules consisting of thematically related courses of lectures, seminars and practical sessions, these make up one academic unit. Each module can extend for a maximum of two semesters, undertaken for 6 – 10 hours of academic study per week. On completion of one module, students are awarded with credit points, which are totaled at the end of the programme study. Students have to secure minimum credit points to be eligible for receiving a bachelor’s degree. As a general rule 180 – 240 credit points are required for completion of undergraduate studies. Undergraduate studies are offered in both English and German.


    a)      Proof of medical/ health insurance

    b)      Valid passport and student Visa

    c)      3 passport size photos


    Students can choose from a wide range of subjects for a bachelor’s degree, Agriculture, Forestry, Art, Music, Drama, Design, Engineering, Medical health sciences, Languages, Media, Cultural studies, Law, Economics, Social sciences, Mathematics, Computer science, Natural sciences.

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