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  • Exclusive Strategies for Making it Through the IELTS Examination with Good Scores

    Exclusive Strategies for Making it Through the IELTS Examination with Good Scores
    Monday, November 16, 2015

    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most preferred English language test needed to apply for overseas education and employment. There are lots of tests taken every year. This test opens the door for higher education in international locations. It also helps you to work around the world. There are many organisations that accept IELTS including the Government and academic institutions. This is the only language test accepted by the countries that require such a test for immigration purposes.

    Advantages of coaching with The Chopras

    • The main motto of coaching institutes is to help students achieve success through right guidance of experts and their hard work and perseverance. The main advantage of taking coaching classes is that there are smaller batches and this means that the faculty can provide personalised attention to the students. There are focused classroom teachings. Personal attention is given to each student with the focus on problem areas.

    • The class schedule covers different sections which encompasses different modules of the IELTS exams. This covers the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

    • Flexible schedule of the classes, which is convenient to the students. Classes are held for two to four times a week.

    • Listening practice from previous tests are also done and feedback is provided to the students based on their performance evaluation. Apart from this, there is extensive speaking practice that also covers all the sections, and these are compiled from previous tests.

    • Sample question bank is given to students and study material is provided along with the CD. Charges are included in the course fees.

    • There is an onsite library made available to the students for any reference work. In fact, even after the training period is over, the students are encouraged to use the facilities for a period of few months. This helps them in preparing well for their exams.

    • The faculty is well trained in all aspects of the examination. The faculty guides and mentors the students. The training sessions are not only about teaching the students but is also about preparing them for their careers.

    Strategies and tips to Overcome Changes in the Exam Patterns

    • There are various sections in the examination like Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. All the three are to be taken in a single day. Speaking Test can be taken after 7 days, depending on the arrangement that exists between the student and the institution.

    • Reading Tests take about an hour and so does the Writing Tests. The Listening Tests are about thirty minutes plus an additional time of extra ten minutes is provided to answer the questions effectively. The Speaking Test is a face to face test and takes about 11 to 14 minutes where there is an interview conducted and a structured discussion which takes place. The exam patterns for the IELTS Academic and the IELTS General Training differ in some aspects.

    • The coaching institutes keep track of any changes that happen with the exam schedule and patterns, and accordingly prepare you for that. There are no time constrains as far as the training periods are concerned. As a student, you are trained to keep abreast of any structural changes that happen to existing curriculum and the coaching classes do just that.

    • Time management – This is one of the most crucial factors in any examination worldwide At the coaching classes, you are guided and taught how to manage limited resources such as time and energy. The sections that need to be dealt with first and how to manage time effectively because the prime focus is to get maximum scores.

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