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  • Experience The Youthful Wonders Of The United States

    Experience The Youthful Wonders Of The United States
    Friday, November 13, 2015

    The United States is a great place to live in. The population of about 320 million spreads across the fifty states offers a very diverse and dynamic society offering which is truly a great experience to any international student who arrives in the U.S.

    International students who arrive in the States often suffer from a cultural shock as the surroundings are quite different than the ones in their home country. The American culture can be split into four core values namely Independence, Equality, Informality and Directness. If a student were to simply follow the aforementioned values, he/she will have no problem in settling in among the resident students of the state where they are studying.

    The internationals students are encouraged to continue practicing their faith even while they are in the States as there is no discrimination. Students activities may be ‘Americanized’ but it is widely encouraged that the students don’t break the practice of what they followed at home since that could lead to cultural shock and they may find it difficult to adjust with their surroundings.

    Being far away from home also poses another problem to students, the problem of money. The exchange rate means that the transfer of funds from back home to the U.S is not always swift and has extended clearing times, students are also required to learn and understand the system of American currency and organize their priorities in a way that they don’t run out of money prematurely. Students are also required to keep a track of their finances and their spending to understand their pattern and prepare accordingly.

    Students are required to open a checking account in their nearest bank, which would normally have a $35 fee for the first deposit after they can make unlimited deposits and transfers without any charges. Banks can also supply an IRS form that is necessary to obtain a social security card for identification purposes and is critical that students have one.

    Apart from just studies, students can also visit various different attractions depending upon the state that they have taken admission in. The United States is not short of anything with heritage sites, parks, theme parks, etc. There are scores of activities that students can do on the weekends. They can become part of different clubs in the college and engage in sporting and cultural activities, etc. Students can also opt for a part time job to earn money.

    You will come across many disparities among cities in the US. There are crowded streets of New York City on one-hand and flat plains of Kansas on the other. There are various geographical variations in the US. So, students must familiarize themselves with the city/countryside they are going to. If a student is from a big city and his US college is in the countryside or any other remote location, he might find it difficult to adjust initially. So it is better to know about the city where you will be studying.

    People in the U.S are normally very friendly, especially the people of North Dakota who are known to be very friendly and welcoming towards people from different walks of life. Stressed out cities are often the places where friendships tend to suffer and people may not be welcoming in such places. Students can enjoy variety of foods with hundreds of different cuisines that exist in the United States. International students do not face any problem in enjoying their favorite cuisine wherever they are. While the life in the States is much different, after some time, students normally settle in very easily once they become familiar with the local values.

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