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  • Explore Scintillating Switzerland- One of the Top Places in Europe

    Explore Scintillating Switzerland- One of the Top Places in Europe
    Tuesday, October 20, 2015

    Switzerland is one of the most picturesque, beautiful, enchanting and mesmerizing places that you can visit and there are many things that can be enjoyed here like natural beauty, culture, food, places to visit, shopping, beaches and even education opportunities.

    Here are a few things about Switzerland that will catch your fancy and will make it a must visit place for you:

    A Cocktail of Culture

    We all love a country with diverse cultures and traditions; Switzerland too, sees a presence of three main cultures-Italian, German and French, though Romanians too are present in minority. The three main languages and local dialects make it a multi linguistic and traditionally rich country. The lifestyle and festivals of people living near Alps range differs from the one in central plateau and near beaches and in the big city. So you would be enchanted to get a glimpse of whole Europe in tiny Switzerland.

    A Plethora of Activities

    Due to its diverse natural beauty ranging from the landscaping Alps and Jura ranges to beaches, lakes and Swiss Plateau, you can indulge in host of activities and yet not feel complete; such is the charm of its variety. It also hosts spectacular World Heritage Sites and offers a variety of fun sports like snowboarding, hiking, fishing, rafting, cycling, paragliding, ice skating and the list just goes on. Shopping is also an exciting activity as Switzerland is world famous for its exquisite watches, clocks, army knives, cheese and chocolates and so you can’t miss taking them back home as a memento or a gift for your loved ones.

    Weekend Tours and Excursions

    There is a lot to explore within Switzerland apart from local visits so weekends are an ideal time to explore beautiful cities like Zurich, Appenzell villages, Basel, Geneva, Berner Oberland, Swiss Lakes, Glacier Express and many more. You should not forget to visit famous nightclubs plying on the way.

    Rich and Multinational Cuisine and Wine

    Some foods are a blend of Italian, German and French cuisines while many retain the original regional flavour. The variety is unlimited if one is experimental and foodie. Some of the very famous dishes to relish are Cheese fondue, Racklette, Rosti, Swiss Chocolate, Berner Platte, Basel soup, Zürcher Geschnetzelte, Polenta and the list goes on and on. Wine too is a specialty and its premium ranges are a must to be tried with food.

    Opportunities for Higher Education

    Switzerland is ranked among the top destinations to study abroad mainly because of widespread opportunities it provides in research and innovation along with law, economics, natural science, humanities and a strong support of government grants backing these universities. Switzerland is the only European country with the highest number of patents registered due to its strong research base and so the thrust is more on innovation and research based professions. Because of its world class education system Switzerland accounts for a very high percentage of foreign students -27.6 percent in the world. The Universities offer Bachelor, Masters and PhD programs via an entrance exams and a qualifying certificate for admission followed by life time career opportunities in varied fields.

    Visa Formalities for Foreign Students

    Once you have received admission confirmation from a Swiss university, visa formalities need to be completed with Swiss embassy of your country. Visa issuance takes a long time of up to several weeks and it can also be rejected if interviewer does not receive satisfactory answers in the interview or if formalities are incomplete. The best way to crack interview is to be genuine, confident and honest in your answers. The questions can be very general like:

    1. Why did you choose this university and this course?

    2. How will you sponsor your studies?

    3. What are your future plans?

    4. Do any of your relatives stay in Switzerland?

    5. Will you return to your country?

    Last but not the least - Budget Management

    Switzerland has high cost of living and is an expensive tourist destination. As a student if you have sufficient resources to sustain yourself during your study time, then there is just no need to worry, if not then you need to strive to obtain a work permit to be able to work part time keeping in mind the work restrictions for EU and non EU students. One can also try and get scholarships from universities if they offer any or can opt for a student loan at easy terms of repayment. A health and travel insurance is a must if one plans to stay for more than 3 months.

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