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  • Get Into The World Of Art, Fashion And Design Programmes

    Get Into The World Of Art, Fashion And Design Programmes
    Thursday, November 05, 2015

    Fashion is a popular style or tradition, especially in the areas of clothing, garments, footwear, etc. Fashion is a cultural trend and most often it is the way a person dresses. It also pertains to the manner in which a person behaves and to the latest developments of garment designers.

    Fashion design programme is designed to bring students in direct contact with the worldwide fashion industry with a rare and excellent opportunity to hone and develop original, innovative and unique fashion collections with able guidance offered by the leading industry experts.

    With theory support and hands on project experience, the students develop their own unique mode of expressing their ideas, study the cultural factors that influence fashion programmes, learn all the tricks in the trade and in this way end up creating unique fashion solutions.

    In addition to developing skill sets to solve various problems that every fashion designer faces, the students get an in-depth knowledge to determine the real parameters of each such task. The students are taught to follow your thoughts and intuition towards promoting their dreams within these demographics in order to cultivate full appreciation of the logic behind his/her own fashion design preferences and those of others.

    A fashion design programme is the art of application of artistic fashion designing tastes to textiles and other accessories. Cultural and social spans influence fashion designs; however, this also changes with time and geography. With timely anticipation of the changes in consumer demands, fashion designers work in many ways to succeed in designing garments and other accessories such as jewellery, bags, foot wear, etc. that complement it.

    The fashion industry is regarded as an economic and symbolic link between the consumers and garment designers; however, to use this model to illustrate fashion as a creative industry is very difficult. Design in fashion system courses are available for students interested in researching how forces beyond design shape up the fashion industry. By placing production parameters within the metropolitan needs, the course helps to examine the relationship of a city and fashion and influences creativity. Fashion designers appreciate the cultural relationship and creative concepts that they work in.

    Students who study fashion designing at institutes get to learn the various aspects pertaining to the fashion industry including drawing skills, cutting techniques, tailoring procedures, pattern designing, technical stipulations and also the expertise required to work with a variety of textiles. In addition to these practical skill sets, the course also teaches the student to understand the fashion industry as a whole in addition to the developments in history, latest fashion trends and innovative techniques and modern problems in today's world.

    Fashion designers always plan on creating garments which are pleasing, formal and artistic. They also consider who will wear the designed garments and the occasions when it will be used. A very wide range of materials, colours, patterns, techniques and styles are available to the designers to select for their designs. Especially designed garments are normally sought by customers to be worn at parties, weddings or social gatherings.

    Some designers create garments for specific individuals but most of the garments designed are for the public at mass, especially those used for the ready to wear category.

    Successful students work as fashion designers on full time basis for any leading fashion companies that claim ownership on their designs, as part of their staff. Others may work individually or as part of a team. There are also others who work alone creating and selling the designs created by them to fashion companies or to leading shops or to garment manufacturers. Such designed garments bear the respective buyer company's label and under their name the products are sold in the market. Some fashion designers also work for individual 'top-brass' corporate clients designing as per their needs.

    There are several specialised art, fashion and design institutions located all over the world, offering courses in fashioning and fashion design technology. Some of these institutions also offer courses in Masters of Fashion technology. You can visit thechopras.com and check out various courses around the world that can help you get into such creative field.

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Comment By Aniket Vichare On Monday, January 30, 2017, 12:46 PM

Good article. ITM Institute of Fashion, Design and Technology offers fashion design course. It is located at Oshiwara, Mumbai. It offers degree and diploma courses. It has a spacious campus layout. The courses prepare the students for the fashion industry.

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