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  • Global Education Fair 2018 - Path to Study Abroad!

    Global Education Fair 2018 - Path to Study Abroad!
    Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Any reference to higher education is best put into perspective by the inspiring words by Nelson Mandela,

    "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

    Today we are going to look at the immense value that cen be derived from global education and how the Global Education Fair organised by The Chopras is helping thousands of students every year to achieve their dreams.

    Why Higher Education?

    There is no denying the fact that today's young generation aspires to become the harbingers of change in the society and this is where Mandela's words can be heard echoing across every university, college, and institution. The importance of higher education is even more now than it was before; courtesy of the development is happening across all the sectors in this world economy. Parents are not only aware of the benefits of their child's need for learning new skill sets but also conform to the fact that students must be let out in the world to explore and grow the best out of themselves in the civilised jungle of the world.

    What is GEI 2018?

    India is a comparatively young nation with a large population of students who, when given the right direction can undoubtedly drive a positive impact towards the development of the society. Providing that 'right direction' is what lies at the core of this global education fair which is conducted by The Chopras nationwide. The Global Education Interact 2018 serves as an international platform that brings together top-ranking universities and institutions with aspiring students under one roof for a great information exchange on study abroad related matters. Not only are students offered with latest and updated information on current academic curriculum but also opportunities to take their aspiration one step further towards admissions and assessments.

    Highlights of GEI 2018

    This year GEI will see 9*countries and 75*Universities across 10* cities nationwide for intakes, admissions, and assessments. Students can attend the fair in any of the cities scheduled and get the opportunity to engage in direct interaction with the richly experienced University delegates from the countries like US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Canada, Singapore, and Switzerland. With the guidance from experienced relationship managers, the students will greatly benefit from attending the GEI 2018 in choosing the best courses available that not only match with their interests but will prove fit in the more extended run from aptitude and academic point of view as well.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The application process for 2018 on a priority basis
    • On the spot counselling by a experienced Relationship Managers
    • Scholarships
    • Visa guidance
    • Education loans
    • Fee waiver opportunities and much more.

    Final Words

    The Chopras consistent endeavor is to offer the 'right direction' and opportunity to the students. The Global Education fair 2018 that will serve to be of great help to those who are determined and looking forward to realising their goals and ambitions.

    Let us close it with these motivating oxymoronic words of Malcolm X as he says,

    "Without Education, you are not going anywhere in the world"!

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