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  • Global Education Interact 2018: What’s in Store for You?

    Global Education Interact 2018: What’s in Store for You?
    Monday, November 12, 2018

    The goldmine in International education fairs are often undermined, pushing past it as any other event, and that remains one of the biggest mistakes we make while in our quest to study abroad.

    Are you making the same mistake?

    With Global Education Interact (GEI), one of the biggest global education fairs, you cannot afford to make this mistake. The GEI is a powerhouse where students from across the states in the country get the opportunity to realise their dreams of studying abroad by meeting university delegates and get first-hand information to study abroad.

    When is GEI happening and where?

    The Chopras’ Global Education Interact (GEI) is all set to begin from 13th November 2018 to 28th November 2018. The fair will be hosted in Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi and Lucknow in the same order. To find out event details in your city, visit the GEI event details and registration page.

    What are the main offerings of GEI 2018?

    Attending the GEI, the global education fair 2018, gives a student the advantage of expediting his/her process of studying abroad, whether it is enquiring about the course/university or seeking admissions. The main offerings of GEI include:

    1. Expedite 2019 admission process
    2. One-on-one interaction with university delegates
    3. First hand information on course, university and country from the experts
    4. Free counselling and/or consultation from experienced professional relationship management team
    5. Assess student profile for eligibility of fee waivers and scholarship opportunities
    6. Information on availability of education loan
    7. Advise on visa application
    8. Up to 20% discount on tests (GRE, GMAT, SAT & other English Language test)

    More than these benefits, what is more important is the fact that attending students will get an opportunity to cast their net wide in the case where they are still shortlisting university or country to study in. Attending the GEI will allow them to meet various university delegates and explore more course, university and country options.

    Which universities are attending? And from which country?

    Over 60 highly ranked universities from top study destinations will be participating in GEI. The universities include University of Stirling, Cardiff University, Loughborough University, University of Hertfordshire, University of Sydney, Monash University, James Cook University, Trinity College Dublin, Jonkoping University and more from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, and Sweden.

    If you have been eyeing one of these university and/or country, then you definitely must register for the GEI and maximise on the opportunity.

    What are the documents required for the GEI?

    Even though there are no specific documents that are required to be carried, attending students are advised to bring academic documents and test scores. These documents will help the university delegates and the counsellors in assessing the student profile and help decide the availability and eligibility of fee waivers and scholarships.

    Registration at GEI is free of cost. If you are keen on attending the GEI, register for the fair in advance and keep yourself updated through emails and text message.

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