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  • GMAT – The Gateway to MBA

    GMAT – The Gateway to MBA
    Monday, December 07, 2015

    GMAT is a computer adaptive test most popularly known as the CAT examination taken by students aspiring to get through graduate management programmes such as an MBA.  This particular exam does not measure business knowledge or skill. It also does not measure intelligence. This examination assesses the analytical writing and problem solving abilities. The candidates are evaluated on a lot of parameters that are relevant to the management programme.

    Countries that are important to the GMAT programme

    There are a host of countries that offer you the GMAT. However, each country has its own rules and regulations that have to be followed to procure an admission to the MBA examination. Along with following the parameters there are a host of other factors that need consideration before getting admission to the management courses. The budget costs, country specific rules, Visa requirements, etc. have to be factored in.

    • In the USA, GMAT is a prerequisite for MBA. Good scores in the GMAT exam are vital for getting admission into the management programmes offered all over the usual universities that require a 16 year undergraduate education. A four year degree is required after High School or Junior College for qualifying for such courses. Work experience of a minimum of two to three years is necessary. Although this is not mandatory; yet it is a preferred.
    • Canada too follows similar guidelines for GMAT. There are numerous test centres all over the country. Test dates vary from year to year. If you are a candidate for the GMAT, then it is preferred to refer to the said deadlines of each university for taking the test. All the other rules and regulations about the examination remain the same.
    • Australia – The GMAT process of application and eligibility criteria is the same as other countries around the world. However, it can be said that there are some B schools that do not require the GMAT at all. GMAT prep is a preparation tool for the tedious preparation that goes into enrolling into a management programme. Most of the top MBA schools in Australia require the GMAT in their admission processes and this is seen as an integral part in building a quality MBA programme.
    • UK – Like the other countries mentioned above, GMAT is essential for procuring admission to the management colleges. There are numerous test centres across the UK where tests can be given. A week before the exam, these can also be forfeited for any reason that might be essential. The overall GMAT score ranges from two hundred to eight hundred. The average scores secured by aspiring candidates are five hundred and forty. Two thirds of test takers score anywhere between four hundred and six hundred. If you are not happy with the GMAT scores, these can be retaken.

    Ways to explore the Country and Budget Management tips

    • There are lot of courses offered by each country to further its management programmes. If you are on a tight budget then there are some important tricks that you should be ready to roll off your sleeve. The first tip being – choose a country that is least expensive. In countries like the UK, management programmes are expensive and so are the accommodation and lifestyle expenses. These definitely do not benefit you if you want economical expenses. Go for a country with least VISA requirements and less cost of living such as India. Australia and the USA too offer part time management programmes that can be done along with some jobs that help you supplement your expenses with same income.

    Weekends are generally tedious for any student after a hectic management week; there are various weekend getaways that are organised by travel agencies in and around the management campuses. If you are staying in a country like Australia, there is no dearth of weekend getaways. Every county and city has some spot to have recreation and fun when need be. Explore options online or contact travel agents in the country where you are studying for a weekend getaway.

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