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  • GRE – Do's and Dont's Tips for the GRE

    GRE – Do's and Dont's Tips for the GRE
    Saturday, July 18, 2015

    Graduate Record Exam or GRE is a requirement for most graduate schools abroad. The school or university you are applying to will be able to assess analytical writing, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning, all skills which you have developed over a course of time. This test helps the universities or graduate schools in deciding if you have the right aptitude and skill for the chosen programme.  Once you are well-prepared to face the exam with sound guidance follow specific steps to ensure you are able to clear the test without any hurdles.

    1. Checklist to mark before you leave for the exam

    a) Your examination ticket which is your confirmation ID along with your passport or any other valid identity proof with your signature on it.

    b) Stress busters such as toffees and chocolates that might relax you.

    c) Review the rules regarding identity before you leave for the examination hall.

    2. No extra belongings

    Do not take any study material along with you which you plan to refer to during the break. You can be disqualified for misconduct as decided by the examination centre. This includes  your cell phone as well. Following the rules will ensure an unhindered process and avoid the need to reappear for the exam. You are allowed to take your wallet, a snack and your registration details only.

    3. Arrival on time

    Arriving well in time is advised since the procedure for registration is lengthy. There is no way you can walk in and sit down for your exam. Besides completing the paperwork and getting checked in by an employee of the centre in the computer lab, you will require some time to put your personal belongings in a locker.  Make a note of all the instructions stated in the registration form.

    4. Comfort in dressing

    On the day of the exam, dress for comfort and not fashion. You might require just a long sleeved outfit to provide some warmth in the computer lab, but a jacket or overcoat does not work well as you will be asked to keep them in the assigned locker. You will not be allowed to make any modification to your attire midway throughout the test.

    5. Scratch-paper in break

    You will be provided with scratch paper during the test. You must not use the scratch paper before the test or during the breaks. This paper has to be submitted to the test centre after the test. You are not allowed to use any other paper except the scratch paper provided by the test center staff.

    6. No panic

    There is no reason to panic. The GRE might seem intimidating but that is the way with most of the standardised tests. Most of these tests seem uncomfortable with their policies and rules and regulations. You can be assured that the staff will be friendly if you follow the rules. If you are well-prepared there is absolutely no reason to panic.

    7. Strictly follow rules

    You will be provided ear buds for noise reduction. Examiners are listening and observing with cameras all around. So concentrate on completing the test in the best possible way. Once you have finished the last question, under a category, you can opt for a break time by clicking on the ‘Yes Break’. In case you do not need the break you will be required to continue the test.

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