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  • Guess Which Universities in the US are Mostly Picked by Indian Students?

    Guess Which Universities in the US are Mostly Picked by Indian Students?
    Saturday, November 19, 2016

    Mostly chosen as well as a high acceptance rate for the same

    So, it’s that time of the year again where students aspiring to study abroad (especially in the US) are running around trying to qualify for the assessment before the 2017 Spring intake closes. Some are getting frantic from the tyranny of choice, some are still shortlisting their university choice, some are thinking over their decisions and only a lucky few are all set for application submission. Now, all these confusions are bound to happen if you haven’t done your homework well!

    Why leave your research work for the last minute?

    Our research team, after skimming through a feed of data, have ascertained the top 10 universities in the US that are the most chosen universities by the Indian (or international) students. In addition to that, these universities also have the highest acceptance rate for Indian (or international) students. Aside from the list, we will also be citing the location, percentage of international students, and the key highlight of the said university.

    The 10 Most Chosen Universities in the US by Indians/ International Students

    #1 Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago

    illinois institute of technology


    Location: Chicago, IL

    International students: 26%

    Key points: Illinois Institute of Technology is a private research university and is also technology-focused. Under the university, there are five colleges, two schools and one institute. It  provides graduate and undergraduate programs in Engineering, Architecture, Science, Business, Design, Human Sciences, Applied Technology, and Law.

    With a diverse student community, IIT Chicago tops as the university with the most number of international students in the US.

    #2 University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

    University of California


    Location: La Jolla, CA

    International students: 23%

    Key points: The University of California San Diego is a public research university, and one of the oldest university in California. It is recognised as one of the top 15 research universities worldwide, also in civic engagement and social mobility. Its School of Medicine and Jacob School of Engineering are ranked highly as well. UCSD has six undergraduate colleges, five graduate and professional schools, and five academic divisions.

    Some of the most popular majors in UCSD are Biology, Economics, Psychology, Computer Science and Political Science and Government. 

    #3 Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)



    Location: Pittsburgh, PA

    International students: 22%

    Key points: Carnegie Mellon University is a private research institute known for its Science and Technology programs. Its famous majors include Information Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

    CMU also boasts of garnering an award winning faculty and has a partnership with over 350 companies. CMU’s student satisfaction rate is also said to be 96%!

    #4 Boston University

    Boston University


    Location: Boston, MA

    International students: 20%

    Key points: The Boston University is one of the largest independent, non-profit universities in the US. Out of the seventeen schools and colleges of the Boston University, its five schools are highly ranked in the US as well as the world, i.e.- Law, Management, Medicine, Engineering and Education.

    One of the best offerings of the university is the students getting coached by award winning faculties, viz Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize, and MacArthur Foundation Genius Award winners.

    #5 Northeastern University

    Northeeastern University


    Location: Boston, MA

    International students: 20%

    Key points: A private research university, Northeastern University combines real-world experiences with classroom teachings. At least 90% of its undergraduates are said to have undertaken one or more professional experience during their college career. Currently, it has six undergraduate colleges, eight graduate schools, and two part-time divisions. The Northeastern University also boast of a vibrant international student community. 

    #6 Purdue University, West Lafayette



    Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

    International students: 18%

    Key points: The Purdue University is a public institution with its main campus in West Lafayette, Indiana and four campuses across the state. The university has twelve schools and colleges offering more than 200 undergraduate and graduate study and research programs. The university’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics is also known as the ‘Cradle of Astronauts’. It produced the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong.

    #7 University of Rochester

    university rochester


    Location: Rochester, NY

    International students: 18%

    Key points: The University of Rochester is among the leading private research universities in the US. It has the oldest educational program devoted to optics in the US, i.e. Institute of Optics. Currently, it has over 200 student organisation and garners a student satisfaction rate of 96 per cent!

    The university’s most popular courses include Social Sciences, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Engineering and Psychology, Health Professions and related programs.

    #8 New York University

    New York University


    Location: New York

    International students: 17%

    Key points: One of the largest private universities in the US, the New York University is considered one of the most influential and foremost research universities in the world. The university  has over fourteen schools and colleges taught by award winning faculty members. It has three degree-granting campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, and also a study away sites in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America.

    The New York University is also one of the largest employers in the New York city with over 19,000 employees.

    #9 University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign



    Location: Champaign, IL

    International students: 16%

    Key points: The University of Illinois is a renowned research, teaching and public engagement university offering 5000+ courses from its 150+ fields of study within its fifteen colleges and instructional units. The University’s library is one of the world’s largest public university collection with 37 unit libraries!

    #10 University at Buffalo SUNY



    Location: New York

    International students: 16%

    Key points: The University at Buffalo SUNY is highly ranked in the US and also is New York’s largest public research university with over 300+ graduate programs and 100+ undergraduate programs. The university has 13 schools and colleges. Some of the most popular majors at the University at Buffalo SUNY are Social Sciences, Psychology, Engineering, Business, Management, Marketing and more.


    You can watch out for our next list of most chosen universities in the US by Indian and international students. Are you looking for a more specific university? You can leave you query in the comment box.

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