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  • Guide to Canada Student Visa Requirements

    Guide to Canada Student Visa Requirements
    Friday, July 17, 2015

    The education system in Canada is considered to be the best in the world. Moreover, it is highly respected. A number of international students apply for a visa every year to pursue their higher education in Canada. However, overseas students have to be familiar with the visa system in Canada if they wish to study in the country.

    Necessity of a Study Permit

    International students will require a Study Permit to enter Canada as a student. The Study Permit will allow the student to undertake academic courses, vocational or professional training at any educational institution in Canada. The permit has to be obtained before the student arrives in Canada.

    However, A Study Permit is not required if a student wants admission for a course or programme that lasts for not more than six months. If the student plans to continue with further education from Canada beyond the initial six months a Study Permit is mandatory. Therefore, all international students should preferably have their Study Permits before they reach Canada to avoid rejection.

    Selection of a Canadian Educational Institute

    International students should get an acceptance letter from a Canadian educational institution. Each territory or province in Canada manages its own education system. The options available for the students differ from province to province.

    Students should first select the institute, college or university where they wish to study. Applications for admission should be sent to the institution. A Letter of Acceptance will be sent to the student if the institution accepts the application. This letter has to be presented when the student applies for a Study Permit. However, the requirements will be different if the institution is in the Quebec province.

    Application Procedure for Study Permits

    The application for Study Permits can only be submitted at the Canadian Embassy in the country or region that the student belongs to. There may be a specific set of instructions in specific regions. The student may have to provide additional documents when submitting the application. The website of the Regional Visa Office should be visited to gain more information on the matter.

    The website of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides detailed guidelines to complete the appropriate forms. The forms are available on the same website. The general list of documents that has to be submitted with the application are given below.

    • The Letter of Acceptance from the institution
    • Proof of identity of the student
    • Proof that sufficient funds are available for the entire duration of the Course while in Canada.

    When submitting the proof of funds, the students have to ensure that all possible expenses have been taken into account. Apart from the tuition fees, they have to ensure that they have living expenses for the stay in Canada and travel expenses for returning to their home countries. If family members are travelling with the student, the proof needs to take their expenses into account as well.

    Additional Information about Study Permits

    Students may be required to provide extra documents while applying for the Study Permit. A medical examination will also be required during the application process in the majority of cases. If family members are travelling with the student, they too will require a medical check-up. The visa office will provide assistance on these matters. Interviews can be a part of the application process. In that case, the student will be given the details of the interview.

    Once the application has been approved, the student will be given a Letter of Introduction that confirms the approval. This is not a substitute for the Study Permit. Instead, this document must be carried when travelling to Canada. Upon entering Canada, the Study Permit will be provided based on the Letter of Introduction.

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