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  • How to Find a Suitable Post Graduate Course for oneself

    How to Find a Suitable Post Graduate Course for oneself
    Saturday, December 19, 2015

    Most youngsters wish to have a career that will help them grow and offer the various benefits desired. As we are all aware that only doing a graduate degree offers you less choices as the market can be termed as ‘fierce’ and there is a competition which can leave you lagging behind. A post graduate degree is one of the best options which can take you high in the ladder of success in a short span of time. We list below few tips on how to choose the right post graduate course which can help you in choosing the right path to success.

    1. Decide on what you are looking for and the reasons:

    Decide on what you want to do, you have the option of pursuing a PhD which can help you gain professionalism in the research sector. There are many diplomas and Masters Degrees linked to specific careers. Do a thorough research of the courses and relate to your requirements finding out which one will help you in the specific career you want. You can take the advice of the people who have already done the course or even take advice from the university.

    2. What does the course provide?

    Before opting for a specific post graduate course, ensure that you read the prospectus carefully so that you are in the knowhow of what the course provides. There are multiple courses which have some subjects as compulsory and options available. Comparing the curriculum of two courses can give you an idea of what the course covers. Check out which course can meet your needs.

    3. Qualifying as a Professional

    In case you are doing your post graduation to become a qualified professional find out whether the specific course chosen is recognised by the professional body. In case of this not being recognised, you can think of ruling out your choice of the course.

    4. Department rating

    You need to check out the rating of the department along with its professionalism and compare this with the ratings of the similar department in different universities offering the similar course. Departments of a university are also rated on the quality of teaching.

    5. The number of students

    You need to find out how many students have opted for the course. If you find out there are more than 100 students, you need to be aware that there will be less chances of discussions directly with the professors. This might not be a good option.

    Funding for the Post Graduate Courses

    Arrangement for funding for these courses works out a little more complex compared to the undergraduate courses, as student loans are unavailable most of the time. The fees are different in different universities for the different courses. You might opt for sources like university scholarships, research council studentships, and grants from educational charities and trusts. In case you face a problem with these, you can think of the career and professional development loan. You can also take the advice of the course provider who will give you the information required for funding available through the institution or development and also how the previous students had managed the funding.

    Post graduate Courses and after

    There are some courses which can be termed as ‘natural stepping stones’ to careers and the qualification is recognised. There are quite a few which are general and you will need to specify the potential benefits of these to the employers. Though employers value the post graduates, but you will need to be aware that experience is one factor which is also considered important. Make sure of the skills and knowledge you have gained with your post graduate studies and how these can benefit the employer.

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Comment By Manar On Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 5:45 AM

very useful article, here is the information about best universities in UAE.

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