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  • How to Obtain Good Scores in Hospitality Courses By Leading Institutes

    How to Obtain Good Scores in Hospitality Courses By Leading Institutes
    Tuesday, November 17, 2015

    Hospitality industry is a growing industry across the globe. There are a lot of people opting for this profession and there are many universities offering graduation and post-graduation programmes for the same. Hotel Management Institutes offer systematic training and prepare you for your career in the hotel management sector. This can also be applicable to the aviation sector and the tourism sector. Hospitality has a wider scope and so the test patterns vary from university to university. With limited time and resources, it is only natural that a person might opt for coaching benefits.

    Coaching benefits at The Chopras

    • In India, there are around 24 institutes affiliated to the National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT) that provide training for hotel management. There are also other institutes and some of them are run by Hotel Chains. The training programme offered by The Chopras is well integrated and in line with the curriculum of the hotel management courses. This is a top of the line training programme that full prepares you for your future and helps you secure good scores.

    • The Chopras have state of the art training centres that are located all over the country. The programmes are blended with practical applications and out of the box thinking in all the scenarios are encouraged.

    • The training programmes have a primary interest of training students for managerial and other varied positions in hotels and other ancillary sectors. Students can enrol for such courses and attain education and practical knowledge with an added international exposure. This can come in the form of affiliations with HTMI Switzerland, AHLEI, USA, etc.

    • There are campuses that house many facilities. These can be in the form of lecture halls, kitchens, housekeeping, hostel facility, library, sports area etc.

    Scholarship programmes – Many students aim for higher studies abroad with scholarship schemes. Scholarships make education affordable and ensure that you get into the best institutes and universities possible.  With the help of overseas consultants, you will be able to track down which scholarship programmes you can apply for and find the correct university enrolments.

    • Placement support is a big part and parcel of education in modern times and it is no different in the training programmes that are offered by The Chopras. Students get help both with national and international placements at all times.

    Tips at overcoming curriculum changes and procuring great scores

    • A lot of hospitality courses available in major universities prepare you for a career in aviation, hotel and catering management and tourism industry. On completion of these undergraduate, graduation and post-graduation programmes, you can take up a job with an airline or at a hotel or can even be placed at a big fashion or retail brand.

    • Practical training is mostly combined with classroom training. Faculty members are highly trained and they are also subject to evaluation periodically. Training helps you to get updated with all the changes happening in the syllabus with respect to the university that you have applied for and accordingly prepares you for it. You get in depth knowledge of the principles and operational policies in the hotel, aviation and tourism industry.

    • Duration of most of the courses is 30 months. But the training period for the preparation of the entrance tests for all these courses will be around two to three months. After this period, you will be entitled as a student to avail the facilities of the training campus area. All this is highly beneficial in preparing you for a great future in the hospitality industry.

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Comment By nithya sree On Saturday, July 16, 2016, 7:10 AM

Hospitality Industry is the growing industry with lots of opportunities for students in different fields. Education of hotel management course in best college will help you to get placed in star hotels.

Comment By Rohit desai On Thursday, July 21, 2016, 6:36 AM

A very nice article i must say, a common thing that is heard is that the hotel industry does not have good payment structure. The payment entirely depends on the type of hotel that a hotel management student gets employed to. A star rated hotel, a resort or a boutique hotel have very high payment packages as well as bonuses and attractive incentives. The best advantage of a hotel management course is that it helps a student to become sociable as well as dedicated towards the work. A student of hotel management should learn to be polite and should be capable of handling various kinds of situations.

Comment By ayush sharma On Thursday, July 21, 2016, 6:55 AM

Hotel Management in India may seem really glamorous from outside but the hard work you do from inside is terrible.  Personally based in India and with an experience studying and working in the hotel management field, I suggest everyone who thinks about it to ask themselves 10 questions mentioned here 10 Things to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Career in Hotel Management and then you be the best judge what you want to do with life.

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