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  • Important Changes in the GRE Test Pattern

    Important Changes in the GRE Test Pattern
    Wednesday, December 16, 2015

    Students who wish to take admissions for graduate programmes abroad need to take the GRE exam. This GRE is also known as the Graduate Record Examination and it is conducted by the ETS or known as the Education Testing Service on behalf of the Council of Graduate Schools and Graduate Record Examination board. This examination follows an objective type of pattern with multiple questions. The score is an important criterion that is required for admissions in a university abroad.  ETS has made some changes in the GRE pattern in order to make the exam less complicated and student friendly. This new pattern can also help the universities in the evaluation of the students. They will be able to enrol students which are more deserving. This change in the GRE is supposed to be one of the biggest changes made in the history of these exams.

    We list the important changes made in the GRE pattern.

    1. Design improvement:

    The new and modified design permits you to go forward and back in any specific section and make changes or modify your answers. In this format, you are able to mark and then go back to the question to make the required changes. The aim of this pattern is to create a natural and better experience for the students.

    2. Data Quality Improved:

    The data quality will be better in this new pattern as it will be able to evaluate the skills which are essential for business and graduate programmes.

    3. Verbal Section changes:

    This section has seen the most changes in the new GRE. In this format you find more complex reasoning with analogies and antonyms not being asked. All the vocabulary asked will be within the context. You can expect questions of a new type in this section.

    4. Quantitative Reasoning:

    This new pattern allows the use of calculator so as to avoid small mistakes. This pattern emphasises more on the ability of reasoning and not on the calculations of arithmetic. This pattern is able to concentrate more on scenarios which are real life and also interpretation of Data.

    5. Analytical Writing:

    Though this section has not seen any major changes but the expectations will be on fewer generalisations and more on focused responses. There are 2 types of essays in the Analytical Writing section.

    * Issue- Task essay

    *Argument-Tasks essays

    Both these essays are to be completed in a time span of 30 minutes. These do not tend to check your knowledge on the subject but the ability to be able to construct the essay with arguments ad ideas which are complex.

    6. Score rating for the New Test:

    Due to the changes in the quant and verbal sections, the rage will now be 130-170 score scale with a 1 point increment instead of the 200-800 of the earlier with the increments of 10 points. The analytical section scale is not changed with 0-6 and increments of 0.5. This new pattern is designed in a way to offer enough opportunity to the students to be able to demonstrate their skills in reasoning without any background taken into consideration.

    7. Quick GRE Test:

    The modified GRE pattern is able to provide reporting which is faster and more on the computer which can be done in a single sitting on a single day.

    8. GRE Test Prep Material:

    You can find the new test practice papers available which in turn can make you familiar with the new pattern of the test. You can also visit the official website of GRE to get hold of this practice papers.

    With multiple changes in the GRE Test it is advisable to get the required information on this before you attempt the exam.

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Comment By Sharu Mathi On Monday, November 14, 2016, 11:59 AM

Thanks for sharing the interesting blog about GRE Test pattern and GRE Exam Syllabus.

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