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  • Living costs for International Students in UK

    Living costs for International Students in UK
    Thursday, September 10, 2015

    If UK is your study abroad destination, you must at least roughly know what it is going to cost you to study there. It is definitely difficult to carry on without this knowledge. Some idea about the living costs, accommodation and the fees will get you prepared. Living costs will be different depending on the location.

    1. Accommodation for students

    You find a lot of options for accommodation in UK, but in case you have decided to opt for the Halls of Residence, you can think of $50 per week and can go to a high of $80 per week, depending on the university. You might find a canteen with the catering facilities or a kitchen where you can cook your own meals. If you are not too comfortable with the option of Halls of Residence you can find your own accommodation making sure you can share it with at least 6 students so that you are not left paying the total rental. The rents start from $35 and go higher depending on what you are looking for. You can look for the home stay option if you are here for the ESL lessons. This does not seem to work well for degree courses. This option can start from $100 per week in London and a little less outside London. Though this might seem a little on the expensive side, you need to think of the meals besides the accommodation which is included in this.

    2. The Living Expenses in UK

    Talking about the living expenses, there are multiple factors to be taken into consideration. You cannot expect to live the way you were living in your home town, you need to make compromises so that you can live comfortably without any problems. Let us take the major factors for living into consideration.

    a) Food:

    You can safely think of $25 to $30 per week for food in case you are thinking of buying this on your own. With a little experience and knowledge after some time, you will be able to save on this also.

    b) Telephone:

    With the landline option you need to think of $10/- for line rental with each call being charged. You need to work this out so that there are no compromises on other factors.

    c) Mobile:

    Using a mobile, the costs will depend on the provider but opting for the prepaid service is cheaper.

    d) Internet:

    Do not forget to include the internet in your budget, which will be approximately $5 per week.

    e) Bills:

    If you have chosen to live in an apartment or a house, you need to include the charges for electricity, water and heating, which can work out to almost $10 weekly.

    f) Travel:

    If you have chosen a university far from the place you reside you got to add the cost of commuting to and fro.

    g) Study Materials:

    Paper, books, notepads, and cartridges are some of the material you will require, for which you can budget around $7 weekly.

    h) Fun:

    This cannot be overlooked as you will have to spare time, which you need not spend holed up in your room. You can buy cinema tickets, even beer, a DVD rental. This is as important as other costs.

    Lowering your costs

    There are ways and means you can lower your expenses in UK. The NSU card you get when you enroll is a student identity, which can help you get discounts in many national stores. If you intend shopping for your own food, make sure you choose supermarkets, which are cheaper as compared to the hi-fi ones. You can call on Skype, which will definitely bring down your living costs in UK.

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