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  • Managing Time for the Hospitality Entrance exams

    Managing Time for the Hospitality Entrance exams
    Thursday, December 10, 2015

    Hospitality industry is experiencing a sharp growth globally. You find many students opting for this stream and you have a number of universities worldwide offering these courses. There are post-graduation and also graduation courses. These courses offer you in-depth training and make sure you are well prepared for the hospitality industry. Since this has a wide scope, you have different universities having a different test pattern. In order to get into the hospitality industry and make sure you can complete the course well you will need to put in little effort and preparation. This can ensure your success. Most of these courses are duration of three to four years. Taking up any course requires you to have a hold on the time management, which is one key factor related to success.

    Here we will talk about time management which can make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

    Time Management

    Time management is all about making optimum time available and using this smartly. You need to focus on how much you are inclined to achieve and work in accordance to this.

    Setting goals which are clear

    You need to be aware of your long-term goals and also the short-term ones. This helps you know what is important. It is only this knowledge of knowing what you want to achieve can help you manage your time effectively. Once you are sure of your goals you can go about setting your plan of action.

    A To-do List

    These to do lists can work out as a best friend and bring up your productivity to almost 20%. This can also save you from stress and wastage of energy. Make a plan of action in the morning half so that you know how to go about this. You can think of doing this even one day before. It is advisable to jot it down as you will be able to follow without missing out on anything. As you follow this list you will be satisfied that you have not wasted any time.


    Preparing for the hospitality entrance exam, this should be a priority; the other tasks are not to be considered as important. You need the preparation time so that there are no regrets later. You need to give the preparation the maximum time and quality. It does not make any sense to sit practicing for the entrance when you are tired or stressed out. Your mind needs to fresh so that you are able to totally grasp.


    Making a schedule has always worked for any sort of preparation. Make sure you are able to follow this or else this is also considered as a waste of time. You need to give time for breaks so that you are refreshed when you get back to the preparation of the exam.

    Confidence is a big help

    Have the confidence that you will be able to follow the schedule rigidly and that you are going to pass the entrance test or exam. This confidence works as a boost and help you prepare better.

    Take the required breaks

    There is no one who can go on and on without breaks. It does not make any sense since your mind will not be able to function after a certain time. Go for a walk, listen to music, read a book, or whatever that can help you feel refreshed and ready for absorbing some more.

    Delegate the other tasks

    You will not need to do all the tasks which you normally do as this will be termed ‘cramping’ your mind. As said earlier, there is a limit your mind and body can take. There is no harm to delegate the other tasks to someone else so you are able to concentrate fully.

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