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  • New Scoring SAT Pattern

    New Scoring SAT Pattern
    Wednesday, October 28, 2015

    Soon there will be a change in the scoring scale from the present 2400 to 1600 with separate scores for essay writing. Choosing wrong answers will no longer be penalized. The last changes in SAT were seen in 2005 when some question formats were changed and a written essay was also added, the scoring scale was changed and brought from 1600 to 2400. This change was made with a view to create more openings for students rather than putting questions that were detached from their present courses. In the year 2012 David Coleman joined the College Board; he was critical of the Board’s test pattern and felt the need to improve it. Counsellors and Admission Officers have mentioned that the data from admission exams are useful; however, their concern was that the exams were not in line with what was taught in high schools. Admissions into a majority of colleges that have a four-year course depends on exam scores. A lot of schools are now shifting to policies that allow students to decide as to what they wish to submit or if they want to share their test scores.

     Significant changes in SAT pattern

    The new SAT pattern will have many significant changes. The writing and reading sections will have questions where students need to show evidence regarding answers in which they will have to read passages from a wide range of subjects that include literature, history, social studies and science. Students taking the test will not be asked to complete a sentence using obscure words. Calculators are not allowed in every portion of the Math’s section, the focus will now be on algebra, data analysis and math’s concepts that are more advanced thereby preparing the student for a better career. In 2005 essay writing was added to SAT, and now it has now become optional, essays will now have a score which will be separate from the other subjects of the test, basically the focus of the test will remain the same. The students will be asked to choose a passage and write an essay, which analyzes the author’s argument and the kind of evidence and ideas that were used. Students will also have to figure out the context of certain words like “empirical” and “synthesis” as they may come across these words again.

    Prepare yourself for the new scoring SAT pattern with professional SAT Coaching

    There are many SAT coaching institutes that offer excellent coaching for students who want to prepare themselves for the SAT exam. They employ the latest teaching methods and have professionals who are experts in their subjects. They ensure that their students are fully prepared to score well in the revised scoring pattern of the SAT exam. They have years of experience in helping students to take informed decisions regarding their future and guide them suitably. Professionals who are qualified and experienced and who have undergone a thorough training schedule subjected to thorough and constant revaluation processes are hired to ensure that they have a thorough knowledge of their subjects as well as teaching practices.

    Wide range of locations:

    You will find SAT training institutes in all locations in India spread all over the country. Students can enrol themselves in a training institute close to them. Since the scoring patterns are different from the past one, students need to be coached accordingly. Reputable institutes constantly update themselves with the latest coaching techniques. Students wishing to excel in the SAT exam, which is employing a new scoring pattern have a good opportunity of doing so by enrolling themselves in well-known institutes.

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