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  • Part-time Jobs for Overseas Students in Germany- a Lucrative Option

    Part-time Jobs for Overseas Students in Germany- a Lucrative Option
    Friday, October 16, 2015

    Most of the students going abroad for further studies prefer working on a part-time basis so that they are able to occupy themselves in a productive way and also make some money, which is always helpful. The same applies to students who are travelling to Germany for education. These part time jobs are termed ‘mini jobs’ in this country. Though the cost of living in Germany might not be very problematic but a little extra income is always welcome.

    Lets us look at some factors guiding the part-time jobs for international students here.

    The conditions and terms for a part-time job

    You need to follow certain procedures before you can think of picking up a part-time job in Germany. The students from certain countries are allowed to work here without any work permit or residency permit required, while the students from underdeveloped countries need to get a residency permit, a student visa along with a document that can let them work following certain conditions. There are limitations where the working hours are also concerned. Where the salary is concerned, most of the part-time jobs or ‘the mini jobs’ here pay less than 400 Euros on a monthly basis so as to avoid the health insurance contributions and the pension contributions. Though this can avoid tax but seems very little for any sort of funding for your studies. When a student gets their first job they are supposed to obtain a Social Security Card providing the social security number. This needs to be applied to the first employer, the validity being a life-time.

    Kinds of jobs you can opt for

    1. Waiters/support staff at cafe’s bars and other places

    Catering assignments and a waiter’s job seems to be a preference among students as they are able to meet new people, explore the place and unwind. Not forgetting that the tips offered here are quite good.

    2. Industrial production assistants

    These jobs seem to work perfect for students looking for experience, besides being well-paid jobs. These jobs are also able to provide an opportunity for the required employment after the studies are over. As you get a post-study work permit of 1 year in Germany finding these jobs can lead to a successful career in Germany.

    3. Graduate/teaching or Research assistants at the University

    This teaching and graduate assistants job work well for research scholars and also pay a decent amount of salary. This job typically includes giving tutorials, prepare research literature, assist the professor marking copies, as librarians, supervisors and so forth. You need to apply early for this job as you find most of the students opting for this. You can find out about this from the head of the department or look for the advertisement on the university notice board.

    4. Working as an English Tutor

    You can take up teaching the English language to German students, the only criteria here is you should make sure of your proficiency in the language. You can think of this as these can work as private tuitions and the pay-out is also decent.

    Rules applying for taking up jobs

    As a student, you are able to work for a total of 240 half days or 120 full days in a year. This can vary in different regions. That is, if your university is in a place where there is a lot of unemployment there are chances of your work permit being extended for more than 120 days.  Students are allowed to work for 20 hours in a week but can opt for longer period of working hours in their vacations. It is advisable to follow these 20 hours of work per week as anything more might require you to pay nursing care insurance and health insurance.

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