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  • Part time work options for International students in Germany

    Part time work options for International students in Germany
    Tuesday, August 11, 2015

    Working part-time in Germany can be beneficial in more ways than one, besides the money you make you will be passing your time, probably coming across a whole set of interesting people who can then be your friends and make your stay in Germany comfortable. This additional source of income can help you in splurging on stuff which otherwise would not be possible. You need to make sure you do not neglect your studies in any which way, as this is the prime reason for you leaving your home-country and coming here.

    Strike a Balance

    This is important if you need to succeed in what you have come for. You need to balance both, studying and working on a part-time basis. That extra bit of cash is essential but not at the cost of your studies. So, you need to make sure you find a job which works well with the timing of your classes. You find that the government here understands the need of foreign students to earn that extra income, for which you can find multiple opportunities depending on what you are interested in.

    The amount of work which is legally acceptable

    Citizens of non-EU member country need to follow certain restriction when thinking of a job. You are able to work for 240 half-days or 120 full days within one year; this includes work placements that are voluntary, immaterial even if they are unpaid. For the above-mentioned workdays, a student has no requirements to obtain any sort of permission from the authorities in Germany. You also need to remember that working the amount of time stated above international students are not allowed to work as a free-lancer or opt for self-employment.

    Permission required for employment

    In case of the student being required to work more than the above-stated time-span, you will require permission from the “Agentur-fur-Arbeit” Agency for Federal Employment. The job market condition in the area where the student is studying is the deciding factor for this. If a student wishes to work in an academic setting, the rules tend to bend a little. They are able to get the permission but all the same need to notify the Department of Aliens on time.

    Students attending a language course

    Students face more stringent rules if they have opted studying a language course in Germany. Here they are allowed to work only during periods which are lecture-free for which you need to get the permission of the Federal Employment Agency much beforehand. You need to make sure you comply with the laws concerning employment of international students, as failing to do so you might need to pay a penalty or even be expelled from Germany.

    Typical part-time jobs for students in Germany

    A student can look for part-time jobs like bartending, waiting at tables, selling at retail stores, hosting at trade fairs, office assistance, baby-sitting, and a lot more in the yellow pages besides the newspaper ads or you can check also at online portals. You will find it easy on the university websites where most of them post vacancies. In addition to this, you can go through the notice boards at libraries, lecture-halls and at times in grocery stores and the local market.

    How much can you earn?

    This is flexible and depends on your knowledge besides the branch and region where you would like to work. If you are studying in larger cities like Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich definitely you will earn more. You are able to earn around 6 Euros per hour working as a cashier in fast-food joints or the supermarket. You can also think of working as an office promoter, which can get you 10 Euros per hour.

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