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  • Pathway Programmes: A Route Towards Higher Education

    Pathway Programmes: A Route Towards Higher Education
    Friday, November 06, 2015

    Pathway programmes help international students to get admission in top universities. Barriers like immigration regulations, academic requirements and language difficulties still exist for international students seeking admissions into Western Universities. Students planning on degrees from universities from the U.K, U.S, Australia or other European countries face all these problems, and these difficulties are overcome by Pathway Programmes, which ensure that international students get admission into the universities they want to.

    Foundation years and pathway programmes are diverse; while some universities offer pathway programmes where students are prepared for specific disciplines taught in that particular institution, others offer qualifications that are more general in nature and are recognized by many universities. There are certain schools who in partnership with Universities teach the English language to International students to help them prepare for IELTS.

    The proper choice for a foundation year or pathway programme depends on what and where the students wish to study and also as to the specific qualifications that are required. The role of a pathway programme provider is to identify and cater to these requirements in order to find the proper path towards higher education.

    A major destination for many students coming from Asian countries is Perth. The tertiary education system of Perth is oriented towards providing international students with the required tuition in order to get admission into local universities. PEC in association with colleges and universities find solutions for foreign students looking for good English language education.

    Germany takes pride in its ability to offer high quality education to international students, one such university is Jacobs University located in Bremen, which is a residential university where a large number of its students are from Asia. The pathway programme conducted by them provides students with the right tools needed to get admitted as an undergraduate in good English-language universities.

    With over 30 years of experience, Navitas English located in Australia is one of the foremost institutes that teach the English language to international students. It is an ideal platform for international students who wish to pursue further studies in Australia. Navitas English has centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Cairns and Darwin it offers a comprehensive course in ELICOS, it has branches all over Australia.

    The Spring International Language Centre located in the University of Arkansas prepares international students for studying in the U.S by providing programmes in the English language. A test that determines the student’s ability is conducted, and the student is accordingly placed in one of the six levels. Students who are in higher levels are given training to perform well in a U.S. University; the training includes debating skills, critical thinking, academic preparation and more.

    The International Foundation Programme conducted by the University of Toronto for students from Asia is a combination of English teaching and also for-credit courses. Students who have the required academic qualifications but do not have adequate knowledge of the English language are greatly benefitted by this course. On completion of this course, students can get admissions in the Faculty of Science and Arts or Engineering and Applied Science along with one full credit.

    Apart from the institutions mentioned above there are many other equally reputed centres where international students can pursue pathway programmes that act as a springboard enabling them to get admissions into top universities paving their way for a better and prosperous future. Knowledge of English is not limited to academics; it is also useful when a person pursues a career as it will equip the person with better communication skills.

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Comment By Paul Monday On Saturday, November 7, 2015, 4:22 PM

I want to pursue my MBA programme in Canada or Germany do i need to take pathway program to enhance my admission process? And what are tje requirements for pathway program?

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