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  • Pathway Programmes and their Benefits

    Pathway Programmes and their Benefits
    Saturday, December 12, 2015

    Be it the Pathway Programmes or the Foundation years or the Gateway programmes, these programmes all have the same purpose, and that is to get international students well equipped with the tools required to secure a place in one of the top universities. There are multiple barriers that international students face for enrolling in any Western university, like academic requirements, language barriers and also immigration rules and regulations. The Pathway programmes are able to help a student out with these stumbling blocks and ensure that the student get the place he/she wants. These Pathway Programmes seem to be diverse as you have some of the universities offering these programmes with the aim of preparing the student in a specific area in that very institution, while there are some offering generalised qualifications which can be recognised by many universities.

    Choosing the Pathway Programme

    The choice of the Pathway Programme depends on what you want to pursue and where you wish to do so. The specific qualifications required are also taken into consideration. The Pathway Programme providers are able to cater to the needs of a student after identifying them. These programs can also find the route that is ideal for the higher education required.

    How are the Pathway Programmes Helpful?

    1. These programmes are able to improve a student’s language skills to the level which is appropriate for higher education.

    2. The Pathway Programmes can help students meet the minimum requirements academically for entering a graduate or an under graduate programme.

    3. These programmes prepare a student culturally for study and the life in a new cultural environment.

    4. These programmes might not be easy but they are able to bridge the gaps between further study/school. The methods of teaching are adjusted in accordance and the environment in the campuses adds to the growth of a student.

    5. There are times when students are unable to get entry into a university with their school leaving certificate, this is where these programmes can help.

    Information on Pathway Programmes

    The content, length and the structure of these programmes are different in different countries and these differ from one university to another. For agencies and institutions that are evaluating these study periods, differing standards of content, oversight ad recognition makes it a challenge. The length of these programmes can be from 9 months to 15 months. These focus intensively on the knowledge that the international students need to assist them in their studies in the university. The subjects can be exam skills, proficiency in English, business theory and a lot more. These programmes, held at the beginning of the academic year, can guarantee progression in academics into the first year and probably the second year.

    What can Pathway Programmes Offer?

    As there are different pathway programmes you can pick the one which is apt to your requirement. These programmes can help you progress to your Master’s and also succeed when you are there. During this exam you will

    *Get an advanced English Level

    * Be able to participate in seminars confidently

    * Take the GMAT (If required)

    * Conduct presentations

    * Undertake research of the graduate-level

    * Complete the written assignments which are apt for graduate studies.

    You are benefitted with the wide range of academic modules and you will be able to exceed the requirements for the language entrance. You are able to attend and participate in classes which use techniques for simulation similar to the university. These classes can be helpful in giving you a feel of the university classes and also train you how o work in teams and compete with the other students of this Pathway programme.

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