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  • Polish Your Verbal Ability for the GMAT Verbal Section

    Polish Your Verbal Ability for the GMAT Verbal Section
    Tuesday, August 25, 2015

    The GMAT Verbal section is a multiple choice test which measures the ability of a student to comprehend written material besides reading. You are also required to correct the material, which is written to conform to the English written standard. You get a time limit of 75 minutes for 41 questions, out of which 11 are on an experimental basis, which do not contribute in any way to your score.

     There is no way a student can identify these 11 questions, which means you need to consider all the questions equally important. It is important to get a good score in the Verbal section of the GMAT exam. This article guides you on how to go about this.

     Work, effort, time

    The above-mentioned are the most essential factors to consider before you opt for the GMAT verbal section. You need to make sure you form certain study habits, which can assure you of a good score. You need to cover each area in this verbal section methodically and make sure to read a lot of fiction books which are good in the English language.

    Sentence Correction

    Follow a specific strategy to go about this and if you are not too good with your English Grammar, make sure you get a hold of this before you proceed further. Even if you are not too fond of reading make this compulsory and read as many books as possible as this goes a long way in improving your English. With this, you will be in a position to recognise sentences that sound off and deal with complex structures easily. You can make a list of all the questions where you often go wrong while practicing and the reasons for doing so, you can also list new words you come across.

    Critical Reasoning

    Give more and enough time to the Critical Reasoning guide you have chosen. For this section, you need to make sure you follow the strategy as laid down step by step in the book. Every answer in this section needs to be answered in your own words. Going through an official guide to the GMAT will help you train your ear to the question asked. And you will be able to answer the questions without going through the choices offered.

    Reading Comprehension

    The best way to go about this is to read the passage given carefully without wanting to hurry up and get over with it. In case you do not follow this, you will be wasting a lot of time in trying to answer the questions right by having to go through the passage again. When you are reading the passage, you need to analyse the tone of the author and make notes besides being comfortable with unknown words and complex sentences. This whole test is all about timing and to get this right you need a lot of practice by spending a lot of your time appearing for mock tests besides reading and getting familiar with unknown words. You need to understand the perspective of the author when reading the text. You might find a lot many facts mentioned in the passage what you need to understand is the reason these facts are stated.

    You have the option of choosing GMAT coaching classes or a private tutor if you are not confident of the preparations for the verbal section in the GMAT test. Many students choose studying on their own, but it is taking a chance.

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