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  • Post-Study Work Permit In Australia - Tips And Requirements

    Post-Study Work Permit In Australia - Tips And Requirements
    Monday, August 17, 2015

    Australia seems to be a popular destination for international students for studying, but most of them land up wanting to look for employment here due to its climate and lifestyle. A few tips on how to go about getting the work permit and the information required for a post study work permit seems to be helpful for the preparation. Every country has its own set of rules and regulations if you need a work permit depending on whether you need the permit on a temporary basis or you are planning to settle down here.

    Working on a temporary basis after graduation in Australia

    Depending on what sort of qualifications you have, you can stay in Australia between 18 months to around 4 years for which you require a Temporary Graduate Visa, (subclass 485). The requirement for this visa is being competent in the English language, which is having a score of 6 in the IELTS examination or you need to have a passport from a country which is English-speaking. Besides this, you need to be in good health and under 50  years where your age is concerned. This temporary visa is further divided into 2 sections.

    1. Post-study work stream visa

    If you have managed to graduate from an Australian university within the past 6 months, you are eligible for this visa that allows you along with your family to travel, study, live and work in Australia. This differs in accordance to your qualification, like if you have a bachelor’s degree you can stay for around 2 years but with a master’s you can stay for 2 to 3 years and with a doctorate you are allowed to stay for 4 years.

    2. Graduate work stream visa

    Similar to the post-study work stream visa, this visa allows you to stay in Australia for 18 months as long as you have passed out from an Australian university within six months. You are able to get this visa even if your qualification is not the bachelor’s degree or even if you are applying for the first time for a student visa after November 5 , 2011. The criteria here is you need to have passed out in a course which is in demand in Australia as there is a shortage of skilled workers in a lot many fields. For this visa, you need to pass a skill assessment from the occupations listed in the skilled occupation list.

    Requirements for a longer stay in Australia

    You find that the immigration of Australia is keen to get professionals settling in Australia, especially if they are able to benefit the economy and of course, the country. Migrants who are skilled and wish to stay here are assessed using the point-based system. Points are awarded in accordance to the qualifications, experience and language proficiency. An Expression of Interest for a skilled visa needs to be submitted initially through the Skill Select. Once accepted, you can follow the process for the visa.

    1. Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

    This is a permanent visa, which is point-tested which allows the skilled workers nominated by territory or state government agency to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. You need to be under the age of 50 and also work in a field which is listed in the Skilled Occupation list.

    2. Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

    The above visa can be applied for even if you are not nominated by a territory or state government agency but for which you need to work in an occupation listed in the SOL, be under 50 years of age and be able to get the suitable Skills Assessment. You need to remember you need to get the required points as this, too, is judged in accordance to the point-based system.

    3. Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)

    Skilled workers who are being nominated by an employer or being sponsored by one who wishes to offer them a permanent position in Australia. All you need is the nomination of the employer besides being efficient in English language and be less than 50 years of age.

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